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You can buy used ultrasound machines from all the major brands at LBN Medical. We provide systems for general imaging, cardiovascular, OB/GYN incl. 4D, portables, and much more. We have almost 20 years of experience in the market, and our used ultrasound systems are tested at our facility, to ensure that you get products of high-quality.

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GE Voluson E6

A popular ultrasound system for OB/GYN with innovative technologies and a great frame rate.

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Samsung WS80A

Samsung's premium ultrasound for women's healthcare with excellent imaging that includes 4D options.


How Much Does an Ultrasound Machine Cost? (2021)


Generally, the price range is very broad. Systems cost as little as 4.000 euros or less, while the newest, high-tier systems cost as much as 100.000 euros and up.

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Siemens Acuson S2000

The S2000 HT can be customized to a wide range of applications including abdominal, vascular, OB/GYN.

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Siemens Acuson Juniper

A high-performing ultrasound system with great mobility that is also one of the industry’s smallest.

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GE Voluson E8

A popular ultrasound for OB/GYN, maternal fetal medicine, and assisted reproductive medicine.


How Do I Select the Right Transducer?


You must determine the types of examinations you want to perform. For example, a convex probe will serve you in abdominal examinations, while...

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Siemens Acuson S3000

A Premium general imaging ultrasound from the Siemens S-line with advanced features.

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Toshiba Aplio 500

A popular ultrasound system with the advanced technologies: Smart Fusion and Fly Thru.

There are several things that you need to consider when you are about to invest in refurbished or used ultrasound machines. Therefore, we have highlighted some important aspects and described the following key points:

  • Ultrasound Applications
  • Main Ultrasound Brand and Series
  • How Much does an Ultrasound Cost
  • Used, Refurbished, or New Ultrasounds
  • Ultrasound Specifications
  • Which Ultrasound Probes to Get
  • Ultrasound Maintenance

All of these you can find in our Guide to Ultrasound.