Used Fuji Mammography Machines for Sale

Fuji is a trusted name on the medical imaging equipment market. Especially when it comes to mammography machines.

The Fuji brand is committed to precision, innovation, and patient care, and this is why the Fuji mammography machines are so popular amongst healthcare professionals worldwide. This is also very apparent on the used mammography market. On this page you can find all the used Fuji mammography machines we have in stock.

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Fuji Amulet mammography system

Fuji Amulet F

A popular digital mammography that offers great image quality, maximum examination comfort, and optimized workflow.

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Fuji Amulet One

Fuji Amulet One

A reliable system that provides highly accurate detection of small tumors - while producing impeccable images.

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Fuji Amulet One

Fuji Amulet One BIOPSY

The Fuji Amulet One Biopsy system offers precise and efficient breast biopsy procedures, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.

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Fuji Amulet S

Fuji Amulet S

An excellent digital mammography system that delivers high quality images.

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Fuji Amulet Innovality 3D

Fuji Amulet Innovality 3D

Amulet Innovality 3D's extensive range of options and accessories ensures it meets the demand of breast Imaging in all its forms.

Used Fuji Mammography Machines for Sale

As providers of used mammography systems, we can confidently say that the Fuji mammos are highly reliable machines which will offer great support in any clinic or hospital. Read more about Fuji mammography models below.

Advancing Mammography with Fuji

Fuji mammography machines are designed to enhance diagnostic accuracy and patient comfort. These systems’ digital technology has resulted in state-of-the-art systems that cater to the evolving needs of doctors.

Fuji is well known for their Fuji Amulet series. These machines are clear indicators of the innovation in mammography technology. The Amulets offer a range of features and benefits:

Fuji Amulet 2D Mammography Machines

Fuji Amulet 2D systems are renowned for their exceptional image quality, allowing doctors to detect even the most subtle abnormalities with utmost clarity.

Key features of these systems include:

  • Advanced Imaging Algorithms: Fuji Amulet 2D systems incorporate cutting-edge image processing algorithms that reduce noise and enhance image quality, ensuring precise diagnoses.
  • Patient Comfort: Designed with patient comfort in mind, these systems feature ergonomic design elements and adjustable settings for a stress-free examination experience.
  • Dose Management: Fuji is committed to minimizing radiation exposure, and the Amulet 2D systems incorporate dose management technologies to optimize safety without compromising image quality.

Some popular Amulet models we often have in stock include the Fuji Amulet One, Amulet S, and the Amulet F.

Fuji Amulet 3D Mammography Machines

Fuji Amulet 3D mammography machines take your diagnostics to the next level by providing a comprehensive view of breast tissue.

The Fuji 3D mammography systems offer:

  • Tomosynthesis Technology: Fuji Amulet 3D mammography systems employ tomosynthesis technology, allowing for the reconstruction of three-dimensional breast images. This aids in better lesion detection and characterization.
  • Enhanced Workflow: Streamlined workflow features, such as rapid image acquisition and reconstruction, enable efficient patient care.
  • Exceptional Comfort: Patient comfort is paramount, and Fuji 3D mammography machines are designed with gentle compression and minimal discomfort in mind.

A great example of a powerful Fuji 3D mammography machine is the Fuji Amulet Innovality 3D.

Used Fuji Mammography Machines

With us you can get a wide range of used Fuji mammography machines. These used machines undergo rigorous inspections and quality checks to ensure they live up to high standards.

Purchasing a used Fuji mammography machine offers several advantages:

  • Cost-Efficiency: Used systems provide a cost-effective solution for clinics and hospitals seeking to expand their imaging capabilities.
  • Reliability: Fuji’s commitment to quality extends to our used machines, ensuring that you receive a dependable and high-performing system.
  • Upgradability: Many used Fuji systems can be upgraded to incorporate the latest technology, allowing you to stay at the forefront of mammography advancements.

Whether you are looking for a brand-new Fuji Amulet system or a used machine, you can trust in Fuji’s legacy of excellence, precision, and innovation in mammography.

For more information on specific Fuji mammography models, technical specifications, and purchasing options, please explore our comprehensive product listings or contact our experienced team at