Used RAD Room (Radiographic X-ray Room) for Sale

See a selection of used RAD rooms for sale from major brands. Reach out if you do not see the RAD room you are looking for. We may source it for you on demand.

What is a RAD Room?

RAD room stands for Radiographic room containing an X-ray system for medical imaging. RAD rooms are an integral part of modern hospitals. Specialized RAD rooms are designed with the safety of both patients and medical staff in mind, typically with several layers of shielding to prevent exposure to excess radiation during imaging.

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GE Discovery XR650

GE Discovery XR650

Gives high quality images with great clarity. Further, it provides efficient dose exposure.

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Siemens Axiom Ysio G2 FLC

Siemens Axiom Ysio G2 FLC

Ensures a convenient and easy workflow in every routine examination you do.

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GE Definium 8000

GE Definium 8000

The GE Definition 8000 is a RAD room that provides superb image quality and reduced dose efficiency.

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LBN Medical - Image is coming soon

Philips Cosmos

The Philips Cosmos is an analog RAD room for sale with a floor mounted tube at an affordable price.

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Philips digital Diagnost Dual Detector

Philips Digital Diagnost Dual Detector

This RAD Room is a reliable solution designed to meet your clinical needs and handle patients' demand.

A RAD room, sometimes also called a radiographic X-ray room, is a category of conventional and standard X-ray systems used for urgent care, orthopedic procedures or general purposes. 

RAD X-ray rooms usually contain an X-ray generator, a control console, and a table or upright stand for the patient to be positioned on during the examination. The X-ray generator produces a beam of X-rays that pass through the patient’s body and onto an image receptor, such as a film or digital detector. The resulting image allows healthcare professionals to diagnose and monitor a wide range of medical conditions.

Over the years, RAD rooms became an essential tool in modern healthcare. Let us know if any of the above systems should become part of your hospital, clinic, or any other medical facility.

Used RAD Rooms for Sale

Our used RAD rooms can be categorised as advanced medical imaging devices. We provide you with RAD rooms at affordable prices as well as professional assistance. 

In our stock you can find the following used RAD rooms, however, if your desired system is not available, we have a dedicated sourcing team that can help you with your new RAD room upon request. 

Let us look at specific RAD rooms readily available on the secondary market. 

A Selection of RAD Rooms for Sale

In our Aalborg based warehouse, you can find the following used RAD rooms.

Firstly, let us take a look at the GE Definium 8000.  It provides superb image quality and reduced dose efficiency. This RAD room connects easily to Picture Archive Communication-, Hospital Information-, and radiology Information Systems for effective data transfer. It helps you to maximize your productivity and to provide quality for your patients.

Next is the Philips Digital Diagnost Dual Detector, which is a reliable solution for every situation. It is designed not only to meet your clinical needs, but is able to handle the growing patient demand too. It is available for different room configurations that speed your workflow and support your staff, while you can purchase it at an affordable price. 

From Philips, we also have the Philips Cosmos available. 


If you have any further questions regarding imaging equipment, please reach out to us! You can also visit our Learning Center or check out our stock for a selection of X-ray equipment