Customer Success Stories

At LBN Medical we always do our very best to fulfil the very different needs of our customers. Below we have collected a small selection of customer success stories that we would like to share with you.
Guyana Cancer Prevention Society - Helping Natives in the Amazon with Cancer Diagnosis
Dr Carl Niamatali is the Director of the Guyana Cancer Prevention Society, a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in LBN Medical customer visitGeorgetown, Guyana. The mission of the Guyana Cancer Prevention Society is cancer prevention as well as early cancer detection.

They raise cancer awareness and implements screening programs for early detection, in particular to increase survival rates among indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest.

However, Dr. Niamatali had trouble finding the right supplier, that could offer the medical imaging equipment he needed at the right price and quality. He had several poor experiences.

That was until he met Alba Parareda Gracia, one of our Key Account Managers, at Medica in Düsseldorf. And that meeting turned out to be the beginning of a great business relationship.

So, why LBN Medical?

After many discussions and telephone conversations with Alba, he understood that LBN Medical was the right company to start a collaboration with. As Dr Niamatali said: “Alba made everything easy, she was very persistent and detail-oriented.”LBN Medical customer visit

Dr Niamatali considers LBN Medical to be a knowledgeable partner. When buying his first system from us, the Siemens Acuson X700, he received all the necessary information and Alba was always there to answer his questions.

He was very happy when the system arrived in Guyana as it was immediately clear that the quality of the images was excellent and the system was reliable and easy to use as he was promised.

Additionally, as it is not always easy to raise funds for his NGO, it is more affordable for him to buy high quality pre-owned medical equipment rather than new.



During his visit in our office in Denmark in February 2020, Dr Niamatali confirmed that he is planning to buy all his future imaging equipment from us: “If I buy another piece of equipment, it will be from LBN Medical. Because you get the best, you get a back-up and you get a good service. And the machines are great.”

All this equipment will be used to look after the inhabitants of the Amazon, and we are excited to help Dr Niamatali on his journey to increase their cancer survival rates.

LBN Medical customer visitLBN Medical customer visit

The Cameroonian Imaging Center – Evolving With LBN Medical
Used Medical Equipment - LBN MedicalCéntre Médical la Cathédrale (CMC) is a private imaging center located in Youndé, the capital of Cameroon. It is managed by Professor Tagni and his wife.

The seed of the relationship was planted when LBN Medical was known as Epoka Medic Mission. It all started with a small parts deal arranged by Rikke Madsen, one of our sales representatives. Professor Tagni never forgot the solution LBN provided, and so the small seed was growing.

Over the years, CMC has trusted LBN Medical to find the best solution to fit their needs. LBN has supplied them with ultrasound, digital X-ray, digital mammography, and a refurbished CT scanner. And finally an MRI system- the first 1,5T MRI in a
private clinic in Cameroon, in partnership with Toshiba.Refurbished medical equipment - LBN Medical

Here at LBN Medical, we are trying to provide not only equipment, but full solutions to all of our customers. We are looking forward to our future cooperation with CMC imaging center and others!


Assisting the Danish Defence with Two C-arms

In 2020, we assisted the Danish Defence with two C-arm systems that will be used in their operations.

We were pleased to be contacted by the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO), (in Danish: Forsvarsministeriets Materiel- og Indkøbsstyrelse) to support them when making a difference in the world.

DALO is a joint service unit under the Ministry of Defence. It oversees the purchase and service of equipment within the Danish Defence and Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) (in Danish; Beredskabsstyrelsen), to aid their ongoing operations at home and abroad.

Our Key Account Manager Rikke was happy to assist with their project and guided DALO in finding the right C-arms, based on the needs.

Making sure that the C-arms would be delivered as soon as possible.

By now the two Siemens Arcadis Varic C-arms have been received and are ready to be used in action.

Siemens Arcadis Varic C-armSiemens Arcadis Varic C-arm

Product Training for Customer
Providing full solutions to our customers is our goal. When doctors have a need for a high quality 4D system, we provide OEM refurbished units.

On the other hand the great machine is not enough to create a full solution. Sometimes the user requires training and extra services. One of our customers have ordered that kind of training. It was for service engineers on the GE Voluson E8 BT13 ultrasound machine, which provides 4D imaging.

Our great set up in Denmark also includes auditorium and ultrasound training rooms. It allows for real application in a medical environment Our facility includes wide flat screen for easier teaching and large rooms with full comfort and quietness.

After the training, the customer was very satisfied because it helped to strengthen business relationship between LBN Medical and them. Secondly, of course their knowledge on how to use machine has increased significantly.

Fetus ultrasoundEmbryo ultrasound

General Practitioner Improves Service for Clients with Help from LBN Medical
Jesper Kronsted who is a general practitioner buys a Philips ultrasound machine from Jesper Kronsted applying his ultrasound systemLBN Medical. This improves his service to his clients and gives him professional challenges in the everyday work at his clinic.

Jesper Kronsted has many years of experience and along with his colleagues, he runs a popular medical practice in Nørresundby, Denmark.

Why buy an ultrasound for a private medical clinic?

I want to give a better service to my clients, and I have a passion for learning more and for challenging myself professionally. All this is possible by investing in the Clearvue550 ultrasound from LBN Medical.

Why does Jesper Kronsted recommend LBN Medical?

The employees at LBN were, professional, personal and caring from my first contact with LBN through to the end when they delivered the ultrasound in my clinic. Furthermore, they even helped carry it to the clinic, which is on the floor. As I had to pay for the equipment myself, price was important, and I got a good price at LBN Medical. Learn more

LBN invited me to come to their warehouse, to see their ultrasound machines in stock, on the first day of contact. Being able to visit the warehouse was very important for me. It gave me the opportunity to meet the people there and get a good feel for the type of equipment I could acquire.

I wanted to try out the equipment before getting it in my clinic; again, here LBN was very helpful, the Clearvue550 was installed in a separate room. When I arrived at LBN with my pregnant daughter, we had a very good experience during this visit. I was able to do a successful pregnancy scan on my daughter, whilst being introduced to different basic equipment functions by an expert at LBN.

How does the ultrasound improve my clinic?

I am currently able to perform pregnancy scans,  and examine shoulder, joints, gall bladder and liver more in depth before sending my patients on to a specialist. Thereby I can make my patients feel safer.

“A patient came to me, worried about a lump he noticed on his neck. He was scared that it might be malignant, and wanted to find out as soon as possible, so that we can take measures on time. Instead of me sending him to Otorhinolaryngology practitioner, I was able to perform the exam, with the linear probe, instantaneously. ” Jesper Kronsted.

In the above case, it was simple to use the ultrasound to see that the lump was completely benign. The patient had a reply instantly and was calmed by the result. Without the ultrasound in my clinic, the patient could have waited and worried, for a long time before getting his examination and ultimately his result.

How am I Developing the use of Ultrasound in my clinic?

I am taking courses on the use of ultrasound, as I like to give my patients the most professional experience when they come to my clinic. Learning to use the clearvue550 ultrasound to its full capacity is an exciting journey which is already benefitting my patients and me, and will do more so in the time to come.

What is my Vision?

My vision and personal passion has made it possible to overcome the barrier of having to take on this step by myself, without additional funding. I am hoping that I can inspire others to strive for the same goal, to learn and challenge themselves, and together being able to develop the general medical practice to offer a better service to its patients and make the healthcare system more effective than today.

Iraq Hospital gets Ultrasound from LBN Medical
LBN Medical A/S started a collaboration with Rafeat Issa  in November 2015. ultrasound 11.01She got in touch with us because of  the need of an ultrasound machine in one of Iraq’s hospitals. Key Account Manager Rikke Madsen took care of the client and suggested Siemens x300 2014, which fit the demands.

LBN Medical took care of the transport from Denmark to Iraq, through Romania.

What Rafeat Issa said about the collaboration with LBN Medical A/S was that it was a great experience due to the fact that it was very easy to keep contact with one of the employees of LBN Medical – Rikke Bjerg Madsen.

“She was very kind and helpful, when some questions or issues appeared, throughout the whole proccess.” Rafeat Issa have said.
The client was very satisfied with the Ultrasound, because the description of the system on the website, and the information given by Rikke, matched the machine in real life and met Rafeat’s expectations.

At LBN Medical we are also very satisfied with the experience with Rafeat Issa. It points out our most humble and venerable position in the market: To fullfill the demands of a customer, and make sure a great system to a reasonable price reaches the hospital in a great condition.


Upgrading an Italian Customer to a Siemens S2000
A good customer from Italy contacted LBN Medical A/S because he wanted to buy a Siemens S2000. Since he wanted to help a Doctor from Rimini upgrade his system.

The Doctor worked in radiology applications, specially small parts. He went from a Siemens G40 to a high end system Siemens S2000, which compared to G40 has higher quality of convex and linear probes.

The Customer’s previous experience collaborating with LBN Medical A/S was good. He had worked with the company before but with another employee. He was satisfied with that co-working and the prices. This time, while working with a new employee, he was even more delighted for the collaboration. This was due to the fact that our employee perfectly understood the issues which came up during the buying process and she tried to solve them using her negotiation skills.


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