GE Logiq E9How much does an ultrasound machine cost? It can be quite a challenge to figure it out, as the price range is incredibly broad. The prices of some systems can be as low as 5.000 euros or less, while the newest, high-tier systems may cost as much as 200.000 euros. There is an upside to this – you can find an ultrasound machine for every budget. The downside – it may be hard to determine what system you can actually get for your budget. Therefore, we will try to make this a little easier for you by introducing a price matrix.

In the matrix, the price is dependent on two factors. Firstly on the condition of the system and secondly on the type of the system, both separated into three categories. The condition may be used, OEM refurbished, or new ultrasound machines – read our blog post to learn our definition of used, refurbished, and OEM refurbished medical equipment. The type of system may be low-tier, mid-tier or high-tier-systems. The better models are more advanced, with more options and features.


Furthermore, they are all from quality brands like Siemens, Philips, Toshiba, and GE. These two parameters form the matrix with 9 ultrasound price categories, as illustrated below. Note that the prices are in thousand euros.
Keep in mind that advanced options like 4D or probe choice, such as TEE probes, influence the price of the ultrasound machine as well.

New15 - 2540 - 50100+
Refurbished-25 - 3050 - 60
Used5 - 1015 - 2025 - 35
Ultrasound Price Guide - Prices are in thousand Euros.

Influence of Age on Ultrasound Prices

New systems are of course new and basically the same applies to demo systems.
While age has an impact on the price of used and refurbished systems, the main things which affect the price are the options and applications of the system in question.

But the condition may vary depending on age. However, age is less important for refurbished systems, as they are brought up to date in the refurbishment process.

This means that age is almost only relevant when discussing used ultrasound systems. At LBN Medical our used systems are typically 5 years old but might be both newer and older. This will influence what the machine is capable of, and of course, ultimately the price.


Low-Tier Ultrasound MachinesSiemens X300 PE

The low-tier ultrasound machines price range varies  5 to 25 thousand euros, depending on the condition of the systems. These systems are great for basic needs and ideal for smaller private clinics. Among the low-tier systems belong for instance GE Logiq A5, Siemens X300, and the Toshiba Nemio.

If you want a used low-tier system the price is typically 5-10 thousand euros. The refurbished low-tier systems are left blank in the matrix. It is because these ultrasounds are rarely refurbished as it is not worth to refurbish a system which costs 15-25 thousand euro when it is new.

Mid-Tier Ultrasound MachinesToshiba Xario SSA 660A LG Ultrasound system

The mid-tier ultrasound machines are quality systems which at the same time have some good options. Typically you would buy them for radiology and bigger private clinics. Their price varies from 15 to 50 thousand euros. This group of ultrasounds includes systems such as GE Vivid S6, Siemens X700, and the Toshiba Xario.

When used they cost between 15 and 20 thousand euros, refurbished around 25-30 thousand euros, and new 40-50 thousand euros.

High-Tier Ultrasound MachinesGE Voluson E8 ultrasound system

These are innovative and top quality systems with a range of advanced options. The prices for the new systems start at 100 thousand euros and go up. This group of ultrasounds includes systems such as the GE Voluson E8, Siemens S2000, and the Toshiba Aplio.

You can save a lot of money if you buy a refurbished or used high-tier ultrasound machine rather than a new system. The refurbished cost around 50-60 thousand euros and the used only about 25-35 thousand euros.


What About Demo Systems?

So far we have not mentioned demo systems, and they are not included in the matrix. They would be situated between the new and the refurbished category. Demo systems have never been sold to an end-user. Usually, the OEMs sell them after they have used them for training, trade fair, and an exhibition and these machines are not that common on the market. They are of a high quality, almost as new, but you can save  30-35 % when you buy the demo system instead of a new system.

How to Choose?

Always consider your needs and your budget – and what should be the key point: always investigate the quadrant down and to the right from what you thought you wanted. If you are looking for a new system, consider refurbished instead, and if you look for a refurbished system, consider used system first. This is a good way to optimize the value you get for your investment. It will allow you to upgrade to a better model while staying within budget. For instance: you have looked at a new mid-tier system that costs 50 thousand euros. For the same price, you can get a high-quality refurbished high-tier system instead.

We hope this blog post answered the question – How much does an ultrasound machine cost and helped you determine what your next ultrasound purchase is going to be. Please contact us if you have further questions, and keep in mind that we can help you with the optimal options and configurations.

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