GE Vivid E90 R3

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Specifications for the GE Vivid E90 R3

  • YOM: 2020
  • Software Version: 203.15.6
  • HW revision: v203
  • HW Accessories: ECG Cable and leads
  • Application: Cardio-Vascular
  • Options Installed: Vivid E90, LVO Contrast, Quantitative Analysis Package, View-X, TEE Interface Module, Dicom Connectivity Package, 4D Strain, 4D LV Mass, AFI Automated Function Imaging, 2DAuto EF, IMT-Intima Media Thickness, Tissue Tracking, Scan Assist pro
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GE Vivid E90 R3 – General Information

More information on the GE Vivid E90 R3a Edition coming soon!

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