GE Vivid E90 R3

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Specifications for the GE Vivid E90 R3

  • YOM: 2020
  • Software Version: 203.15.6
  • HW revision: v203
  • HW Accessories: ECG Cable and leads
  • Application: Cardio-Vascular
  • Options Installed: Vivid E90, LVO Contrast, Quantitative Analysis Package, View-X, TEE Interface Module, Dicom Connectivity Package, 4D Strain, 4D LV Mass, AFI Automated Function Imaging, 2DAuto EF, IMT-Intima Media Thickness, Tissue Tracking, Scan Assist pro
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GE Vivid E90 R3

GE Vivid E90 R3 – General Information

The GE Vivid E90 R3 is a cutting-edge 2D cardiovascular ultrasound system. This system is designed to address the many challenges in healthcare. This game-changing GE system will push you ahead when it comes to diagnostic imaging. The Vivid E90 R3 will further help you reduce overall costs.

Exceptional Imaging with cSound Technology

The Vivid E90 R3 uses GE’s innovative cSound™ software-based beamformer image reconstruction platform. This technology sets a new standard for ultrasound technology. It acquires comprehensive data upfront, enabling True Confocal Imaging and Adaptive Contrast Enhancement, resulting in robust image quality.

This system offers impressive penetration, high sensitivity, and maintains exceptional spatial resolution in 2D, color flow, and Doppler modes.

Key Advantages of Vivid E90 R3:

Elevated Performance: The system excels in near-field image quality, lateral wall definition, image precision, and penetration.

Crisp Imaging: GE’s cSound software and XDclear™ probe technology capture data from every channel, delivering unmatched 2D image quality.

True Confocal Imaging: Achieve uniform focusing and enhanced contrast resolution throughout the field of view, even at high frame rates.

Triplane Imaging: Simultaneously visualize three planes from the same heartbeat with high temporal and spatial resolution.

Efficient Workflow: This system uses DICOM and an easy to use touch panel. This means you will experience a more streamlined workflow. As a result, you can gain quick and easy access to patient images.

Auto Gain: Automatic 2D image optimization adapts to user preferences and patient conditions in real-time, enhancing image quality.

User Interface: The full touch panel functionality makes the system easy to use. Also, it makes it more simple to remember where different functions are.

SmartStress: Automatically sets scanning parameters based on previous levels, enhancing efficiency and consistency.

The GE Vivid E90 R3 is a premium 2D ultrasound system. It goes beyond conventional technology.

The cSound platform enhances your day-to-day operations with exceptional image quality, and streamlined workflow. Also, it optimizes your diagnostic processes. By improving image quality, the GE Vivid E90 R3 is at the forefront of modern healthcare.

The GE Vivid E90 R3 creates new standards in the ultrasound industry. With this you are sure to get a system that will last you many years. And, it will enhance your overall performance.

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