Used Siemens Ultrasound Machine for Sale

We have a large selection of Siemens ultrasound machines. We are happy to offer you both used and refurbished Siemens ultrasound machines for your healthcare needs. Below you will find the Siemens ultrasound equipment we have in stock.

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Siemens Acuson Redwood

Siemens Acuson Redwood

Siemens Acuson Redwood delivers exceptional imaging and clinical versatility in one advanced ultrasound system.

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Acuson S2000 HELX Touch - LBN Medical

Siemens Acuson S2000 HELX Touch

A machine with a great design which makes it good for general imaging, but also for women's health.

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Siemens Acuson Juniper ultrasound machine

Siemens Acuson Juniper

A high-performing ultrasound system with great mobility that is also one of the industry’s smallest.

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Siemens S1000 HELX Touch

Siemens Acuson S1000 HELX TOUCH

A great ultrasound with solid technology, good imaging and versatile applications at a low cost.

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Siemens Acuson Sequoia - LBN Medical

Siemens Acuson Sequoia

Without a doubt one of the most popular ultrasound machines Siemens has ever manufactured.

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Samsung Acuson NX3 Elite

Siemens Acuson NX3 Elite

An excellent multi-purpose machine with one of the largest displays in its class.

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Siemens Acuson S2000 Ultrasound machine

Siemens Acuson S2000

The S2000 can be customized to a wide range of applications including abdominal, vascular, OB/GYN.

General Information about Siemens Ultrasound Machines

Siemens is a big player when it comes to ultrasound machines. Therefore, we always have several Siemens ultrasound machines for sale at all times. 

The Siemens ultrasounds have had many popular models on the market during the years. The most well-known is their S-series, which consist of the S1000, S2000, and S3000. Furthermore, these models are now popular in their HELX Touch versions.

The Siemens Acuson S1000/S1000 HELX is an entry-level machine that is more affordable than its newer counterparts – the S2000/S3000. This Siemens ultrasound is suitable for a range of examinations, but is especially good for vascular and shared-service operations.

The newer Siemens Acuson S2000/S2000 HELX is the most popular system in the S-series. The S2000 is commonly used for women’s healthcare as it offers automated protocols such as Virtual Touch technologies, HD transducers, and 3D total breast ultrasound.

The most recent addition to the S-series is the S3000/S3000 HELX. This premium ultrasound is a great piece of equipment for performing general imaging as well as interventional radiology. It provides a high image quality and supports the everyday workflow.

To deliver optimal image quality, Siemens ultrasound machines come for a range of specific clinical settings. Hereby, Siemens has systems specialized for General Imaging, breast imaging, OB/GYN, and point of care.

Different Models of Used Siemens Ultrasound Machines for Sale

The lists of models recommended for general imaging, breast imaging, and OB/GYN, all contain the Acuson S series. This is due to the fact that many options are available to optimize for either application. Hereby, one system can become very versatile.

Furthermore, Siemens has a long list of other models that are just as versatile. For instance the Siemens X300, including their premium edition, and the Siemens X700.

The Siemens X300 is an economic mid-range system. X300 will help you enhance the efficiency in your clinic as it can accommodate any workflow needs. This system is excellent for cardiovascular examinations. 

On the other hand, the Siemens X700 is considered to be the new and improved version of the X300. This is because of new advanced features, at the same time it is considered a mid-range system. Despite this consideration, this is still the most expensive model in the series.

Now we can also offer the Siemens Acuson Redwood. A solid stand-out system with many benefits such as, Coherent Image Formation technology. Previously, we have also had the portable Siemens Sonoline G20 and the Sonoline G50 in our stock.

Naturally, Siemens ultrasound machines offer great image quality and impressive technologies. Hereby, healthcare providers can offer top care with ease. Moreover, Siemens considers the cost-effectiveness of their systems. Therefore, systems are reliable and upgradable.

We Have a Strong Sourcing Department

Moreover, we have a strong sourcing department, and they will be happy to provide you with different Siemens ultrasound products that are currently not in stock. We can also source Siemens ultrasound parts for you.

All you have to do is reach out to our sales team and they will help you locate the right system for you.

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