Samsung WS80A Elite

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Samsung WS80A Elite

Samsung WS80A Elite – General Information

The Samsung WS80A Elite is a high resolution premium system designed to meet the needs of women’s
healthcare. With exceptional image clarity, cutting-edge technology, and a suite of advanced applications, it empowers healthcare professionals to provide the highest level of care with confidence and efficiency.

The Samsung WS80A Elite delivers exceptional image clarity by leveraging our S-Vision hybrid beamformer technology and S-Vue™ transducers.

The S-Vue™ transducers of the Samsung WS80A Elite are combined with next-generation single crystal probe technology. These transducers feature an improved crystal design for improved piezoelectric properties and wider bandwidths. Even in difficult cases, you can benefit from superior penetration and unrivaled resolution.

S-Flow™, a highly sensitive Doppler technology, captures both phase (directional) and amplitude data. This technology ensures accurate vascular documentation, even in the tiniest peripheral vessels.

The groundbreaking hybrid beamformer technology from Samsung combines advanced hardware and software for precise digital programming.
This innovation refines the shape of ultrasound pulses, ensuring impeccable transmission and reception of signals.

Result: Exceptional image clarity and diagnostic accuracy.

As pioneers in 3D/4D ultrasound, Samsung continues to advance volumetric imaging with Realistic Vue™ and 5D ultrasound.

Realistic Vue™ enhances 3D anatomy imaging with customizable light direction, illuminating intricate details and shadows, and outperforms 2D imaging for pelvic anatomy documentation.

5D ultrasound is an advanced suite of applications designed to streamline workflow and boost reproducibility, meeting the specific requirements of women’s healthcare professionals. It offers semi-automated anatomy assessments that save time and elevate diagnostic confidence.

Trust in the Samsung WS80A Elite for precision, clarity, and advanced imaging capabilities that redefine the standards of women’s healthcare.

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