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Welcome to our inventory list of quality MRI coils for sale. Are you looking to buy MRI coils? Then search through a wide selection of Siemens MRI coils, GE MRI coils, Philips MRI coils as well as MRI coils from Canon/Toshiba. We also have Hitachi MRI coils for sale in our stock.

In 2022, we were acquired by DirectMed Imaging, the largest diagnostic imaging parts supplier, which gives us access to additional 100.000 parts from our US inventory. Below you can find MRI coils for sale that are in our warehouse in Denmark. Moreover, we have access to over 4.000 MRI coils for sale in our US inventory. If you want to buy MRI coils or have any questions, reach out to us at

Furthermore, we offer both new and used spare parts for medical equipment, and if we do not have the part or MRI coil in stock, we also offer to source it for you. Thanks to the large selection in stock, we offer fast delivery, and our warehouse team provides professional packaging to avoid transport damage.

Last Updated: 18.06.2024

MRI Coil for SalePart NumberSerial NumberLocationManufacture
Knee coil10606828177821321SIEMENS
PA 36 MR Coil10496542139021341SIEMENS
Frame Breast Coil10185781104021322SIEMENS
Gradient Coil 3T 030106546001060NORDIC – VARDEVEJ 1SIEMENS
1.5T body-18 flex coil104965303427321331SIEMENS
1.5T body-18 flex coil10496530338111311SIEMENS
Extra large Knee SPEEDER coil 3.0TMJAJ-182A/S1S1C144207511134CANON
1.5T GEM Flex Coil 16-L Array, Receive Only5430000-2030-4-215611331GE
RF Body Coil81222151458130623SIEMENS
1.5T EXPRESS COIL – 9E Anterior Array5407990SN 001124WHH-121241GE
Wrist SPEEDER coil 3.0TMJAJ-162A/S1S1B148203711134CANON
QD Torso Speeder CoilMJAB-137AS2A071201621441CANON
BRM-D Gradient Coil2214149-22755M27DSV – LANGERAK 17GE
BRM-D Gradient Coil2214149-214802GQ3DSV – LANGERAK 17GE
QD CTL Spine coilMJAS-127A/S3S3B11X2896110211CANON
Foot Ankle Coil10500084232121312SIEMENS
Syn Spyne coil45356701433132911024PHILIPS
Body coilPM41-10228*DLBN0009002100123CANON
Gradient CoilMZGR-N27AFPLBN0008993100131CANON
Shoulder Speeder CoilMJAJ-177A/S1S1J19Z280721313CANON
Atlas Speeder Body CoilMJAB-167A/P1P1F157301021333CANON
Atlas Speeder Body CoilMJAB-167A/P1P1F155298021333CANON
Atlas Speeder Body CoilMJAB-167A/P1P1B11X230421333CANON
Sense Spine Coil 3T 8CH45221326437333020741PHILIPS
Small Shoulder Coil10500082142211322SIEMENS
Wrist Speeder coilMJAJ-167A/S1S1A102201121323CANON
Atlas SPEEDER Body coilMJAB-167A/E1P1B127242121431CANON
Atlas SPEEDER Body coilMJAB-167A/E1P1B124238721443CANON
Body Matrix 3T86226513002711322SIEMENS
Foot Ankle Coil10498471134011322SIEMENS
1.5T Short Body RF Coil in Yellow Case2218111-314785GQ080613GE
1.5T Short RF Coil221811114420M64130622GE
8 Channel Neurovascular Array Coil 1.5 T2317115-2U3075520941GE
8 Channel Neurovascular Array Coil 1.5 T2317115-2U1768620509GE
HD T/R Quad Extremity Coil5147225-23848611001GE
HD T/R Quad Extremity Coil5147225-23674111002GE
HD T/R Quad Extremity Coil5147225-2183411021GE
Gradient coil59391812004100132SIEMENS
Large Shoulder Coil10500081142121331SIEMENS
QD Knee/Foot CoilMJQJ-167AS1E179241221413CANON
Sense Head Coil 3T 8CH45356706167227720903PHILIPS
Sense NV Coil 8 CH 3T45221323171317521032PHILIPS
RF Hub Multicoil Driver Board5250080-3AJ9D1921203GE
RF Hub Multicoil Driver Board5250080-3AJ9D1L21203GE
8-ch wrist MR coil862504380921222SIEMENS
Wide Bore Whole Body CoilPM41-10725-16365130711CANON
Shoulder SPEEDER coil 3.0TMJAJ-172A/S1S1B12Z205011143CANON
BREAST COIL WITH CABLE 4CH 1.5T HD5145567-23698721301GE
Sense Head Coil 8ch45353006295269221413PHILIPS
Sense Foot Ankle Coil 8ch4522150412124658621413PHILIPS
Head CoilMR-QHC-61KR15917-60180613HITACHI
Head CoilMR-QHC-61KR1174140180613HITACHI
Large Flexible Body CoilMR-QFC-63ANKR15691-60111012HITACHI
Syn Cardiac Coil452213219883000 00021441PHILIPS
RF Body Coil5168509V15RF0031C130611GE
Spine Matrix Coil75793403073311322SIEMENS
1.5T Quad Extremity Coil2383613-25407611012GE
1.5T Quad Extremity Coil2383613-244411022GE
Shim coil power supplyMEHP-GP-006A/S1S1A068204650323CANON
1.5T HD 8CH Shoulder Coil Assembly5308343-2008-5-041311031GE
Body Matrix Coil75795553488911302SIEMENS
Matrix Body Coil75795551679411321SIEMENS
Matrix Body Coil75795551630111321SIEMENS
8 Channel Invivo HD Wrist coil5160986-22168521232GE
QD CTLPA coil2225545-6358211042GE
Neck/Cervical Spine CoilMR-JC-53KR16009-60180613HITACHI
Sense Wrist Coil 3T 8CH4522132639232502321221PHILIPS
Sense Wrist Coil 3.0T4522132639221720902PHILIPS
4ch SENS Shoulder Coil 3.0T9896030134023666720911PHILIPS
4ch SENS Shoulder Coil 3.0T9896030134023665920911PHILIPS
HD 8 Channel Neurovascular Array Coil 1.5 T5147135-2U1141120743GE
QD Knee CoilMJQJ-107AS1D11Z2743140123CANON
QD Knee CoilMJQJ-107AS1D11Y2741140123CANON
QD Knee CoilMJQJ-107AS1D11Y2740140123CANON
QD Knee CoilMJQJ-107AS1D11X2737140123CANON
QD Knee CoilMJQJ-107AS1D11X2736140123CANON
QD Knee CoilMJQJ-107AS1D1162726140123CANON
Body Array CoilMJAB-127A/S299A07Z2091130822CANON
Breast Coil2401500217221302GE
1.5T HD Knee Array Coil5114356-23663111021GE
1.5T HD Knee Array Coil5114356-23658911021GE
8-ch wrist MR coil862504346921222SIEMENS
1.5T HD 8 Channel Foot and Ankle Coil5308342-235821222GE
1.5T HD 8 Channel Foot and Ankle Coil5308342-2263620733GE
1.5T LARGE FLEX COIL COLL5430693000217WHK11011GE
Sense Knee coil452213231074204011032PHILIPS
Quad Knee CoilMR-QKC-61KR15747-60280613HITACHI
Medium Felxible Body CoilMR-QFC-62ANKHY2653-20711013HITACHI
8 Ch HR Brain array coil5147134-23681221422GE
8ch Cardiac Array Coil100391141721421GE
1,5 Split Head Coil518259451432WH321211GE
1.5T 8 Channel Hi Res Brain Coil (Legacy)2317112-2U2632220742GE
SYN Spine Coil45221314927930009206611014PHILIPS
SYN Spine Coil452213149279105511014PHILIPS
Shoulder Array Coil Base5515445X192021422SIEMENS
Shoulder Array Coil Base5515445198321422SIEMENS
Breast Matrix MR Coil8623485232321312SIEMENS
Breast Matrix MR Coil8623485150021433SIEMENS
CP Body Array Flex 63 MR Coil7100048335120942SIEMENS
Body array Flex coil71000483000621412SIEMENS
Shoulder array coilMJAJ-107A/S1S1B102269421211CANON
1.5T Body Coil (QBC-ACS-HG-NL)45221317701287690711PHILIPS
Sense Head Coil 1.5T4522132140058311013PHILIPS
CP Spine Array Coil3784498370221442SIEMENS
1.5T CP Head Array Coil3146037341820943SIEMENS
Large Flex Coil 4CH10185552745411322SIEMENS
Large Flex Coil 4CH10185552596011322SIEMENS
Large Flex Coil 4CH10185552215311302SIEMENS
Large Flex Coil 4CH10185552112811322SIEMENS
Shoulder Array Coil Large5516591530120529SIEMENS
Shoulder Array Coil Large5516591939720529SIEMENS
1.5T CP Neck Array Coil3146540350221432SIEMENS
PA Matrix Coil7579910378921342SIEMENS
PA Matrix Coil7579910281520539SIEMENS
Body Coil Selector box4753229 K2214LBN0008950130811SIEMENS
Sense Wrist Coil4522150403623529621421PHILIPS
1.5T Split Head Coil Assembly234197314386WH711001GE
Shoulder Array Coil 1.5 T5516583993820529SIEMENS
Shoulder Array Coil 1.5 T5516583665220529SIEMENS
8ch Shoulder Coil Phantom Holder5271265-5LBN0008038130922GE
Neurovascular Array coil2293668-2U1195711041GE
Flex CoilMJLC-107F/S2S2B092216821431CANON
Flex CoilMJLC-107F/S2S2B092216721431CANON
Flex CoilMJLC-157F/S2S2B094218921323CANON
SENSE FLEX COIL-MEDI45221321910300052971/00008711014PHILIPS
1.5T Quad Head Coil46-282118G2238546MR620443GE
1.5T Quad Head Coil46-282118G2171355MR120443GE
Breast Coil ACS-NT45221311722730014467911043PHILIPS
Quad Head Coil4522131390094824090/00084621402PHILIPS
Quad Head Coil452213139009300079357/00009111013PHILIPS
Flex Coil452213115274220640/421433PHILIPS
C1 Coil452213166942461034021433PHILIPS
Flex Coil Interface5511956884011021SIEMENS
Flex Coil Interface5511956865121423SIEMENS
Flex Coil Interface5511956281521322SIEMENS
Small Flex Coil 4CH10185553440721322SIEMENS
Small Flex Coil 4CG10185553423321322SIEMENS
Small Flex Coil 4CH101855533283011302SIEMENS
Small Flex Coil 4CH10185553117411332SIEMENS
Small Flex Coil 4CH10185553118421432SIEMENS
NMR-8 Channel Switch Coil ID2362995-2345520701GE
Flex Circular Coil PackageMJCG-267B/S1S1B11Y2063110104CANON
NMR-8 Channel Switch Coil ID2362995-2360920701GE
cable assy for extremity coil46-265442G1LBN000893910813GE
Loop Coil5512079153721332SIEMENS
Loop 7 coil10185555104411332SIEMENS
Sense Flex Small Coil452213181254411014PHILIPS
E1 Coil IPX445221316695239621433PHILIPS
E1 Coil IPX445221316695225921433PHILIPS
Circle Coil C345980005196110021433PHILIPS
1.5T CP Flex Large coil5512053686411302SIEMENS
8 Channel Cardiac Coil Phantom Kit2304255-3111201021301GE
Body Coil Channel Selector Board4753229789520533SIEMENS
Invivo 8ch Wrist Coil Phantom110377LBN0008035130922GE
MC1-X30 Cable W. Coil Connector45221325854123090911124PHILIPS
150mm Flex CoilMJLC-157FS1B131222321411CANON
200mm Flex CoilMJLC-207G/S1S1B131215021411CANON
Loop Coil Small5512095320421432SIEMENS
Loop Coil Small551209502523S0121432SIEMENS
D9 Coil Supervision Board4769126492410933SIEMENS
Rectangular Flex CoilMJLR-107F/S2S2C11Y222620435CANON
Rectangular Flex CoilMJLR-107F/S2S2C11X2223-120435CANON
Rectangular Flex CoilMJLR-107F/S2S2B112214421323CANON
Phi 200mm Flex CoilS1A06Y2073S2B094218520425CANON
Phi 200mm Flex CoilS1A06Y2073S2B094218420425CANON
Phi 200mm Flex CoilS1A06Y2073S2B08X215020511CANON
Phi 200mm Flex CoilS1A06Y2073S1A074212020425CANON
Phi 200mm Flex CoilS1A06Y2073S1A06Y207320511CANON
Phi 150mm Flex CoilMJLC-157F/S1S1A06Y204620425CANON
Phi 150mm Flex CoilMJLC-157F/S1S1A068203020511CANON
Phi 100mm Flex CoilMJLC-107F/S1S2C11Y240520445CANON
Phi 100mm Flex CoilMJLC-107F/S1S1B12Y222520425CANON
Phi 100mm Flex CoilMJLC-107F/S1S1A074211620511CANON
Phi 70mm Flex CoilMJLC-077F/S2S2C119226220511CANON
Phi 70mm Flex CoilMJLC-077F/S2S2C118225720425CANON
Phi 70mm Flex CoilMJLC-077F/S2S2C118225620511CANON
Phi 70mm Flex CoilMJLC-077F/S2S2B08222321431CANON
3 inch coil212731529563WH411001GE
3 inch coil212731526873WH011001GE
Coil Connection Module5511212LBN000895610913SIEMENS
General Purpose Flex Coil232028856544WH021433GE
General Purpose Flex Coil232028855512WH821232GE
General Purpose Flex Coil232028827230WH211001GE
General Purpose Flex Coil232028827180WH911001GE
General Purpose Flex Coil232028818924WH120519GE
Anterior Neck Coil2225545-8LBN000894610813GE
G3 Multicoil Filter Assembly5306448HLDUW710521GE
Body Coil 030108365081156NORDIC – VARDEVEJ 1SIEMENS
Sense head coil 3.0T5435670034032011023PHILIPS
Flex Small 4 MR coil 3T10835327124211332SIEMENS
Flex Large 4 MR coil 3T10835335124611332SIEMENS
PA Matrix feet coil86227501380-11331SIEMENS
1.5T GEM Flex Coil 16-M Array, Receive Only5430000-3023-4-055211332GE
Spine Coil 32ch10496544129711322SIEMENS
Loop 4 coil10185556104611332SIEMENS
Avanto CP Extremity Coil7579472294511331SIEMENS
Avanto CP Extremity Coil7579472128411331SIEMENS
 Syn Torso Coil45356700972182011033PHILIPS
NRF-D2 Coil CNT Board1283338B2P6530D80621HITACHI
1.5T 8 Channel CTL Coil (Legacy)2377426-2230411011GE
1.5T Quad Extremity Coil2225478-83733711022GE
Extremity Knee Coil3146466248711312SIEMENS
Head Matrix A Tim Coil7577732779311332SIEMENS
Head Matrix A Tim Coil75777323084611333SIEMENS
Body Matrix Coil75795551562311302SIEMENS
Focus Shoulder Array Coil,Large10351766171511321SIEMENS
Phased Array Shoulder Coil24153641645.11031GE
Neck Matrix A Tim Coil7577906471020509SIEMENS
Neck Matrix A Tim Coil75779063219320509SIEMENS
HNS Coil24163290H0516321311GE
1.5T Anterior Array Express Coil533466083990WH211011GE
1.5T Anterior Array Express Coil533466075084WH411011GE
Sense XL torso coil4535675022840097R111033PHILIPS
Syn Spine Coil ACS-NT4522132198738611043PHILIPS
Shoulder Array Coil 1.5 T5516583864820529SIEMENS
Quadrature Knee/Foot coil4522132140214062021403PHILIPS

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