Dental X-ray

If you are looking for used dental X-ray equipment for sale, let us guide you through some general information about dental X-rays we recommend. 

In our Aalborg-based warehouse, we have multiple used dental X-ray machines for sale and our team is ready to assist you with your next purchase or further questions.

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Vatech Pax-Duo3D

An efficient ‘2 in 1’ solution for your dental practice offering you excellent, high-quality 3D and panoramic images.

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Planmeca ProMax 3D

An excellent option for full arch dental 3D imaging needs. Its endodontic mode offers excellent, high-resolution images.

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Vatech Pax-Uni3D

This dental X-ray is a so-called ‘3 in 1’ system. It offers you the best image quality with its value-added image technology and integrated sensors.

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Kodak 8000 Digital Panoramic

An affordable dental X-ray that provides dental professionals with the diagnostic quality and simplicity.

General Information About Dental X-ray Equipment 

The dental profession is considered an ancient practice. And dental X-ray was one of the most important developments in dental care. Before the 19th century, dentists could only diagnose dental conditions by listening to their patients’ symptoms and looking into their mouths.

Many complications occur in the teeth roots, below the gumline, where dental professionals could not see the issue with their naked eye. Without dental X-rays, orthodontists had to open up the gums to identify the causes. 

The discovery of X-rays and the invention of X-ray images was a true change in dental health history. It helped detect abnormalities and diagnose problems without having to make incisions in their patients’ gum.

In 1895, a German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen discovered X-ray. It was firstly used for industrial application, however, doctors were quick to adopt, and medical X-rays were used within six months of the discovery. 

Dentists began using X-rays in 1950 and since then, they have become an essential part of the routine of dental practices nowadays.

Used Dental X-Ray Equipment For Sale

Our used dental X-ray machines can be categorized as advanced medical imaging systems. At LBN, we provide you with affordable prices and professional assistance. Let us look at specific dental X-rays available for immediate purchase on the pre-owned imaging market. 

Firstly, let us take a look at the Vatech Pax Uni 3D. This X-ray is a so-called ‘3 in 1’ system. By purchasing this product, you can scan every image without having to buy an additional device. It comes with separate sensors for CBCT and Panoramic Ceph. It offers you the best image quality with its value-added image technology and integrated sensors. This system is intuitive and user-friendly, you can customize its various features, such as the position and the composition of the toolbar. 

From the same manufacturer, the Vatech Pax-Duo 3D is an efficient ‘2 in 1’ solution for your dental practice by offering you excellent, high-quality 3D and panoramic images at an affordable price. The Auto-Switching system between Panoramic & CBCT sensors allows you to conveniently change the scan mode from Panoramic to 3D.

Lastly, the Planmeca ProMax 3D is an excellent option for your full arch dental 3D imaging needs. Its endodontic mode offers excellent, high-resolution images. It is optimal for capturing even the tiniest details. The Planmeca Ultra Low Dose offers you low radiation for your patients’ comfort. Additionally, it supports different protocols and imaging options to meet your advanced professional needs. 

If you have any further questions regarding dental X-ray systems, please reach out to us or visit our Learning Centre for additional information about different kinds of pre-owned medical equipment.

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