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See a selection of used portable digital X-ray machines for sale from Philips, Stephanix, and Siemens. Reach out if you do not see the portable X-ray machines you are looking for. We may source it for you on demand.

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SHIMADZU MobileDaRt Evolution

A mobile X-ray system that offers exceptional image quality and flexibility for various imaging needs.

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GE AMX-4 Mobile X-Ray

The GE AMX-4 Mobile X-Ray is an easy-to-use portable system delivering high-quality diagnostic imaging for patients in a variety of clinical settings.

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Fuji FCR GO 2

An easily movable machine with a compact and lightweight design. It can swiftly be brought to your desired clinic area.

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Siemens Mobilett Plus E mobile x-ray

Siemens Mobilett Plus

An excellent and affordable mobile x-ray system that is preffered by many doctors and clinicians.

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Siemens Mobilett XP Mobile X-ray

Siemens Mobilett XP

Mobile X-ray that delivers accurate diagnoses, high quality images and easy workflow.

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Stephanix Movix 4.0 mobile x-ray

Stephanix Movix 4.0 Mobile

A mobile X-ray for all radiographic exams, used in the intensive care unit, emergency and operating rooms.

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Philips Practix Plus 33 mobile x-ray

Philips Practix 33 Plus

A cost-effective solution for all basic needs with wide application range, and easy to handle small and solid workhorse.

Fascinating History of Portable X-rays

During World War I, Marie Curie – a two-time Nobel Prize-winning scientist – had an idea that not only saved lives but also revolutionized medical care. She collected X-ray machines and installed the units in ordinary vehicles that drew power from the cars’ engines. She had trained at least 150 women in the fundamentals of anatomy and radiology.

For the first time, military doctors could detect the tiniest pieces of bullets lodged in wounds, without having to transport the injured. Later on, Marie established around 200 radiological labs in battlefield hospitals. Thanks to her determination, doctors were able to save a significant number of lives. 

The portable X-ray equipment underwent significant advances over the years, however, it remains a fixture of battlefield hospitals to this day.

How Can a Portable X-ray Be Used in Medical Practice?

Let us talk about how portable digital X-ray machines are used nowadays. 

Mobile X-rays are equipped with wheels, therefore they can be easily moved to different locations within a healthcare facility or they can be found in mobile clinics. They are powered by batteries and they are designed to be used mainly, but not exclusively, when the planned examinations are located far from healthcare facilities. 

These portable medical imaging devices use X-ray technology to allow radiologists to collect information on abnormal and normal features of different body parts.

Portable X-rays are often used to complete examinations when the patients are unable to move on their own or they are too unwell to be transported to the imaging department. For instance, chest X-rays for tuberculosis and pneumonia-related lung damages or skeletal examinations for traffic accidents and other traumas, as well as orthopedic imaging of small body parts and other specific clinical diagnostic investigations. 

The main users of mobile X-rays are radiographers and medical professionals trained in radiation protection, safety, and image management.

A Selection of Used Portable X-ray Machines for Sale

At our warehouse in Aalborg, we offer a selection of used Mobile X-rays.

Siemens Mobilett XP is an advanced analog mobile X-ray that offers you excellent imaging power and quality. It has easy mobility and high operator comfort as it can be easily positioned for X-ray imaging. It is powerful, therefore it is perfectly suited for long procedures. The Siemens Mobilett Plus E has similar features and is also available in our mobile x-ray stock

Stephanix Movix 4.0 Mobile is an essential X-ray for all radiographic examinations. It can be easily moved and it is easy to store and use. It is typically used in emergency rooms, intensive care and it can be moved outdoors thanks to its large wheels. 

Philips Practix 33 Plus is an impressively mobile and flexible portable X-ray that is easy to use. It provides you with high-quality images and it guarantees a high system availability for many years of usage. 

If you are looking for different X-ray products, please visit our Cath-Lab and C-arm pages. For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will gladly assist you!