Ultrasound Machines from Canon (former known as Toshiba)

Ultrasound systems from Canon Medical (former Toshiba), are high-quality systems that provide excellent image quality. Therefore, we always have some in stock at our large facility in Aalborg, Denmark.

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Canon Toshiba Aplio 300 ultrasound system

Toshiba Aplio 300

An affordable high-end ultrasound system with advanced performance and delivers excellent image quality.

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Canon Toshiba Aplio 500 ultrasound machine

Toshiba Aplio 500

A popular ultrasound system with the advanced technologies: Smart Fusion and Fly Thru.

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Canon Aplio A450 ultrasound machine

Canon Aplio A450

An advanced solution for a wide range of diagnostic portfolios with outstanding imaging technologies.

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Canon Toshiba Aplio 400 ultrasound machine

Toshiba Aplio 400

A great ultrasound machine with many advanced options and technologies.

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Canon Aplio i800

A premium multi-purpose diagnostic ultrasound that brings outstanding image quality in radiology.

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Toshiba Aplio MX SSa-780A ultrasound

Toshiba Aplio MX SSA-780A

A premium mid-sized cardiovascular ultrasound that completes advanced exams, usually performed by larger and more expensive systems.

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Canon Viamo portable ultrasound machine

Canon Viamo

A small laptop-based portable ultrasound system that is easy to transport and operate.

General Information about Canon Ultrasound Machines

Previously Toshiba, now Canon Medical, offers excellent image quality to ensure accurate diagnosis in all settings.

Their product catalog contains the following ultrasound series: Aplio, Viamo, and Xario.

The Viamo line consists of portable ultrasound machines, whereas the Aplio and Xarios are standard ultrasounds. Xario is a smaller line of Canon’s ultrasound systems that combines budget-friendliness with excellent image quality and tools. Aplio is a big product line with a range of different Toshiba ultrasound machines for all applications.

Great Selection of Canon Medical Ultrasound Machines

Moreover, Toshiba ultrasound machines come with a range of technologies to improve diagnostic confidence and productivity. For instance, Smart Fusion allows healthcare providers to view images from different modalities side by side in real-time, on the ultrasound.

Naturally, Toshiba also offers an impressive selection of probes for their ultrasounds. Remember to check for compatibility before purchasing a probe. Furthermore, keep in mind that ultrasound probes are susceptible to impacts. Therefore, you should handle them with care, and avoid dropping the probes.

LBN Medical has almost 20 years of experience providing ultrasound systems, and we want to assist you too.

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