Used Philips CT Scanners for Sale

We offer a wide range of used Philips CT scanners in our local warehouse in Aalborg. Our skilled colleagues will guide you through your purchase to make sure you get the right CT equipment that you need.

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Philips Brilliance iCT

The Philips Brilliance iCT provides good patient care and is great for diagnostics.

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LBN Medical - Image is coming soon

Philips Brightview XCT

Provide your patients with a unique experience based on comfort and speed.

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Philips Ingenuity 64

Philips Ingenuity 64

The Philips Ingenuity 64 is a state-of-the-art CT scanner that offers advanced imaging capabilities for medical professionals.

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Philips MX 16 CT scanner

Philips MX 16

A great CT for advanced motion-sensitive applications, like CT colonography and pulmonary studies.

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Philips Brillinace Big Bore

Philips Brilliance Big Bore RT 16

The CT has been designed for radiation oncology and therapy, enhancing your clinical confidence.

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Philips Brilliance 64 CT scanner

Philips Brilliance 64

An excellent CT scanner that provides high speed and outstanding image quality.

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Philips Brilliance 16 CT scanner

Philips Brilliance 16

A high performance CT for sharp images and easy workflows, ideal for routine CT examinations.

General Information about Philips CT Scanners

Philips has been adapting and advancing their products and technologies to help you address the complexities of any illness and deliver a high level of patient care. Regardless of the system you choose, Philips’ expertise and professionalism guarantees you and your colleagues’ satisfaction.

Philips CT Scanner Models for Sale

We have different used Philips CT scanners for sale, as well as CT systems from other brands in our Aalborg-based warehouse. On the used CT scan machine market, you can find a wide range of Philips CT scanner models, such as the Brilliance series that includes the Brilliance 16, 40 as well as 64. Another popular model is the Philips MX16. Read more about these Philips CT scanners below.

A high-performing Philips CT scan machine is the Brilliance 16. It is ideally used for routine CT studies, CTA, and advanced motion-sensitive applications, such as CT colonography and pulmonary studies.This system offers fast scan times and comes with low dose without compromising image quality. 

Next is the Philips Brilliance 40. This Philips CT scan machine offers several applications such as radiology, oncology, orthopedics and cardiovascular. Furthermore, organ perfusion studies, coronary artery imaging, pulmonary imaging and critical care can also be done by this CT scanner.

In addition, the 40-channel improves the accuracy of any examination performed and it allows your department to extend your care to a higher number of patients

Philips Brilliance 64 is one of the most advanced Philips 64 slice CT scanners. It is used in cardiac, pulmonary, trauma and pediatric imaging. The advanced capabilities of the Brilliance 64 make your work easier. This system offers different advantages including 3D volume software, low dose imaging and expanded portal capabilities. 

Lastly, Philips MX 16 is an affordable CT scanner that offers exceptional image quality with low dose and high patient throughput. It offers a longer tube life than the Brilliance 16 or any other 16-slice scanner in its class. 

This Philips CT scan machine can be used in all radiology routines. And it is also specialized in many procedures such as dental planning, neurological studies, bone mineral analysis, vascular studies, and virtual colonoscopy. 


Would you like to know more about Philips CT scanners?

We hope all the information helped you with your questions regarding the different Philips CT scanner models. Nonetheless, you are more than welcome to contact us with any further questions.

For further information about general information about CT scan machines, you can read our guide to CT scanners or see our full stock of used CT scanners.

And if you are missing any Philips imaging parts, just reach out.