Used Samsung Ultrasound Machines for Sale

Samsung provides you with the latest and most innovative technologies that have been manufactured, based on the input from clinicians and patients. We offer a wide selection of used Samsung ultrasound machines. Below you can take a look at the Samsung ultrasounds that we have in stock. Feel free to reach out for further details.

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Siemens HERA W10

Samsung HERA W10

This system offers you exceptional image clarity and penetration, while also supporting confident diagnosis.

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Samsung HS30

Samsung HS30

The Samsung HS30 is a cutting-edge multimedia device with advanced features and exceptional performance.

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Samsung WS80A Elite

Samsung WS80A Elite

The Samsung WS80A Elite is a high resolution premium system designed to meet the needs of women’s healthcare.

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Samsung HS70A

Samsung HS70A

A high-end diagnostic ultrasound system particularly designed to fit into a general ultrasound imaging setting.

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Samsung H60 ultrasound machine

Samsung HS60

A great ultrasound for OB/GYN with touch screen, LED monitor, slim body, and offers high resolution images.

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Samsung RS85 - LBN Medical

Samsung RS85

The Samsung RS85 ultrasound machine is designed with advanced imaging capabilities and effortlessly delivers consistent superb image clarity,

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Samsung RS80A Prestige ultrasound machine

Samsung RS80A Prestige

A great ultrasound for radiology with advanced technical capabilities for great image quality.

Used Samsung Ultrasound Machines for Sale

Samsung ultrasound machines incorporate outstanding technology to improve the condition of people’s lives. With more than 1600 employees in over 100 countries, Samsung specializes in diagnostic imaging equipment. This enables them to innovatively create a new future for medical professionals and patients.

The mission of Samsung is to bring health and well-being to each individual’s life, while their vision is to support clinicians in confident diagnosis, to create cost-effective solutions, and to improve workflow for customers.

You can find Samsung ultrasound machine models of entry-level, mid-range, and advanced ultrasounds. Samsung’s sonography machines can be used in OB/GYN, vascular, radiology, and other general imaging examinations. However, keep in mind that they can also function as shared-service systems with cardiac capabilities.

A Selection of Used Samsung Ultrasound Machine Models

Our current stock of the Samsung ultrasound machine series combines high-quality imaging with high performance. We have many different Samsung ultrasound machine models in stock.

Samsung RS Series

The RS Series, including the Samsung RS80A Prestige, RS80A and RS85, represents Samsung’s premium ultrasound offerings. These systems feature advanced imaging technologies, expert tools, and ergonomic design for exceptional diagnostic accuracy and workflow efficiency.

The Samsung RS80A Prestige is a great ultrasound system for radiology. ​​With its advanced technologies, such as S-Vision and S-Vue transducers, image quality has reached new standards. Thus, the RS80A prestige offers the clinician incredible resolution for a confident diagnosis.

We also can provide you with the Samsung RS80A. With this machine you get a product very similar to the RS80A Prestige, which prioritizes your comfort while also reducing noise and artifacts in images.

The Samsung RS85 ultrasound system offers a range of expert tools for enhancing diagnostic accuracy and decision-making. Advanced solutions such as MV-Flow™ and S-Fusion™ deliver measurement consistency and reduced user variability.

Samsung HS Series

The HS Series offers compact and portable ultrasound systems suitable for point-of-care and mobile applications.

The Samsung HS30 ultrasound, HS50, HS60 and the HS70A, combine advanced imaging capabilities with compact hardware, making them suitable for a wide range of clinical applications. These systems emphasize portability and ease of use.

The Samsung HS30 ultrasound uses technology such as the S-Harmonic and the MultiVision. This means that you get noise reduction as well as enhanced high-resolution images with better spatial resolution, contrast and artifact suppression.

Samsung HS50 is a highly innovative system due to its single crystal transducer technology which allows for impeccable 2D and 3D/4D imaging for many different clinical applications.

Samsung HS60 combines high-quality, high-end multi-purpose diagnostic systems with improved features to help enhance the efficiency of healthcare professionals. One feature is the CrystalLive technology that offers great volume image performance. This Samsung ultrasound machine is similar to two other GE ultrasound machines that we offer: the GE Logiq S7, and the GE Voluson S6.

With the Samsung HS70A ultrasound machine you can optimize your workflow. It offers features designed to boost your productivity and efficiency. At the same time you can be sure that your patients will have a positive and comfortable experience in the examination room, because of the S-Fusion technology.

Samsung WS Series

The Samsung WS Series, represented by the WS80A Elite, focuses on women’s healthcare needs. It offers high-resolution imaging, 3D/4D capabilities, and specialized features like Realistic Vue™ for detailed anatomy visualization.

Samsung WS80A is a premium ultrasound machine manufactured with the needs of women’s healthcare in mind. This ultrasound has a variety of applications, such as abdominal, OB/GYN, breast, vascular, pediatrics, urology, and more. The Samsung WS80A Elite continues to advance volumetric imaging with Realistic Vue™ and 5D ultrasound.

Samsung HM Series

The Samsung ultrasound machine HM Series is characterized by its versatile applications, intelligent tools for accurate diagnostics, and workflow enhancements.

The Samsung HM70A, is known for its versatility and intelligent solutions. These systems streamline workflow, reduce user variability, and offer features like S-Shearwave Imaging™ and Arterial Analysis™.

Each of these Samsung ultrasound machine models caters to specific clinical needs, providing healthcare professionals with the tools and technologies required for precise and efficient diagnostics across various medical specialties and settings.

We Have a Dedicated Sourcing & Purchasing Department

Are you unable to find the Samsung ultrasound machine you are looking for?

If you are not finding what you are searching for, feel free to reach out to us. We have a dedicated sourcing team who are happy to assist you in your search for the perfect Samsung ultrasound for your needs.

All you have to do is contact us at and make an inquiry about the system you are looking for. Our team will do their best to locate a machine for you.

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