CT Scanner Preventive Maintenance

When purchasing CT from us, we always recommend including CT scanner preventive maintenance as part of the solution we provide.  

Preventive maintenance comes with many benefits. It increases the life expectancy of your CT equipment, so you will spend less money on your CT scanner in the long run.

It keeps your equipment operating efficiently, increases the safety of your employees, and helps you avoid costly repairs and parts replacement down the road. We also provide technical assistance, please reach out to our team at service@lbnmedical.com and we will come back to you.

When purchasing a CT scanner, we also advise you to acquire an UPS. You can learn more about the reasons why you need an UPS further below.

Preventative maintenance performed by our CT engineers includes:

CT Scanner Preventive Maintenance

  • Checking the mechanical movements (gantry and couch)
  • Checking/Cleaning the slip ring, brushes, and fans
  • Dust cleaning
  • Checking the error log and software
  • Observing the system under operation (LEDs, batteries, messages, etc.)
  • X-ray tube filament current adjustment
  • Calibration 
  • Image quality check 
  • A couple of test patients
  • Change/adjust exam protocols if needed by customer
  • Operation clarifications in case of new operators
  • Checking the site conditions (temperature, humidity, power supply, UPS)
  • Getting client’s signature on visit report
CT and MRI scanner preventive maintenance - LBN Medical

We also advise you to acquire an UPS together with your CT.

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS), also known as a battery backup, provides backup power when your regular power source fails, or the voltage drops to an unacceptable level. A UPS allows for secure, orderly shutdown of a computer and connected equipment.

When is there a particular need for UPS?

  • When you are in doubt about your power supply / power quality
  • When you are experiencing power outages
  • When you live in an area with poor power supply

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