Used Hologic Mammography Machines for Sale

Hologic is viewed as a front runner for innovation on the mammography market. Hologic mammography machines comprise a diverse portfolio that includes the Hologic Selenia, Hologic Selenia Dimensions 2D, Hologic Selenia Dimensions 3D, Hologic Selenia Dimensions 3D with Biopsy, and the Hologic Lorad M-IV. Hologic mammography machines have earned a distinguished reputation.

These systems are some of the best and are highly popular on the used mammography market.

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Hologic Selenia Dimensions TOMO + BIOPSY

Hologic Selenia Dimensions TOMO + BIOPSY

This Selenia Dimension combines 3D imaging technology with precise biopsy capabilities for an early detection.

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Hologic Selenia Dimensions TOMO

Hologic Selenia Dimensions 3D (TOMO)

Experience efficient workflow and top notch patient comfort with this 3D mammography system.

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Hologic Selenia Lorad Digital Mammography

Hologic Selenia Lorad

A popular system that is one of the leaders in digital mammography, it saves time due to efficient workflows.

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Hologic Selenia Dimension 2D

Hologic Selenia Dimension 2D is offering exceptional image clarity for precise breast imaging and early detection of breast cancer.

Used Hologic Mammography Machine for Sale

With us you can get a range of used Hologic mammography machines. We are especially proud to offer the Hologic Selenia series, as these are top notch systems.

Hologic Selenia Mammography Machine Series

The Selenia series from Hologic is very popular and these are some of the machines we have in stock at LBN.

Hologic Selenia

The Hologic Selenia is a trusted choice for many healthcare professionals. You get 2D mammography with exceptional image clarity. This Selenia model is celebrated for its reliability and user-friendly design, ensuring an efficient and comfortable experience for you and your patients.

Hologic Selenia Dimensions 2D

The Hologic Selenia Dimensions 2D takes mammography to the next level by incorporating advanced technology and ergonomic design. It stands out for its remarkable image quality, making it a popular choice for early breast cancer detection and diagnosis. This Hologic mammography machine offers the perfect blend of precision and comfort.

Hologic Selenia Dimensions 3D

Hologic Selenia Dimensions 3D revolutionizes breast imaging by introducing 3D capabilities. This innovative technology enhances the diagnostic process by providing a clearer, more comprehensive view of breast tissue. It empowers you to detect abnormalities with greater accuracy, particularly in cases of dense breast tissue.

Hologic Selenia Dimensions 3D with Biopsy

With Hologic Selenia Dimensions 3D with Biopsy you are sure to receive a remarkable machine that integrates mammography and biopsy capabilities. This advanced Hologic model allows you to perform targeted biopsies during the mammography procedure itself. In this way, you reduce patient anxiety and speed up the diagnostic process.

Hologic Lorad M-IV

The Hologic Lorad M-IV is a testament to Hologic’s dedication to ergonomic design and patient comfort. This model offers a user-friendly experience, making it a preferred choice for clinics and hospitals. Its high-quality imaging capabilities ensure that you will perform reliable and precise breast exams. Also, its longevity makes it a smart investment.

What Sets Hologic Apart in the Mammography Market?

Hologic mammography machines are highly recognized on the used market and this is due to several factors:

  • Unparalleled Image Quality: Hologic mammography machines are renowned for their exceptional image clarity, aiding in early detection and accurate diagnoses.
  • Biopsy Integration: with Biopsy you have a unique advantage, as you can streamline the diagnostic process and minimize patient discomfort.
  • Patient-Centric Design: Hologic mammography prioritizes patient comfort and ensures that mammography procedures are as comfortable and stress-free as possible.
  • Reliability: Hologic mammography machines are considered durable and provide longevity. This offers clinics and hospitals with a dependable long-term solution.

If you are looking for a used mammography machine, we highly recommend choosing a Hologic mammography machine. These are of sky-high standards. Explore our selection of used Hologic mammography machines, you will be impressed by their performance.

And if you’re in need of Hologic spare parts, we can help you source them as well.

Reach out at and our team will go over any questions you might have, as well as provide more system details.