The Best Vascular Ultrasound Machines

What are the best vascular ultrasound machines on the secondary market?

Ultrasound machines are usually not only dedicated to vascular application. It is rather one of the options they offer.

And naturally, some systems have better options than others.

Below we will list our recommendations if vascular is your main priority.

The Best Vascular Ultrasound Machines

The ultrasound machines that are best for vascular examinations, available in the used market, are presented below.

Hopefully, it will help you the next time you are searching for vascular ultrasound machines.

The systems are:

None of the premium brands selling medical equipment has a clear advantage in the vascular ultrasound machine market.

Therefore, brand selection depends on which interface and workflow you like better.

What sets the systems apart is whether the unit has a cardiovascular focus or is a shared-service system that must shine in many other applications besides vascular.

In general, all premium brands of vascular ultrasound machines have an amazing 2D image quality (deep penetration, detailed resolution, and sensitivity) that helps diagnose complicated clinical cases.

The Best Philips Vascular Ultrasound Machines

The best Philips ultrasounds for vascular examinations are the Epiq 7, Epiq 5, and iU22.

Firstly, the Epiq 7 is the successor of the iE33 and iU22 and it comes with xMATRIX leading-edge technology.

This system gave a new direction to premium vascular ultrasound machines.

It represents an uncompromised level of clinical performance and, in addition, meets the challenges of today’s most demanding examinations.

Philips says that this system has the strongest architecture they have ever applied to a vascular ultrasound.

It is the nSIGHT imaging architecture, which introduces a completely new approach to forming ultrasound images without compromise.

And what about the xMATRIX technology?

Apart from being cutting-edge, it is also a versatile ultrasound transducer technology.

Next, the Epiq 5 is the successor to the iU22.

As well as the Epiq 7, it is an excellent system that comes with the nSIGHT Imaging architecture.

What makes it different from the Epiq 7?

It does not have the xMATRIX technology, therefore, the price of the Epiq 5 is usually 10.000 euros lower than the price for the Epiq 7.

Lastly, a great vascular ultrasound machine from Philips is the iU22.

Although iU22 has been overcome by new models Epiq 5 and Epiq 7, it is still a system of great value.

Especially because the price of the later iU22 models has been decreasing.

Yes, the Epiq 7 and 5 offer higher performance and image quality. However, the iU22 has a better price-to-performance ratio and if you do not need the absolute latest technology, it is the right system for you.

The Best Siemens Vascular Ultrasound Machines

As for Siemens, the best vascular ultrasound machines belong to the Acuson S family.

That consists of the Acuson S1000, S2000, and S3000.

The most affordable system from the series is the Acuson S1000. It is an entry-level ultrasound that can handle a range of exams, including vascular, with ease.

Which system from the series is the most popular?

The Acuson S2000!

You can customize this system to a wide range of applications, including vascular, abdominal, OB/GYN, and more.

The youngest member of the Acuson S Family is the S3000.

That is a premium system that comes with new innovative technological solutions.

All ultrasounds from the S family produce high-quality images.

In addition, their smart workflow technologies are designed to confidently meet your daily imaging needs.

And when it comes to the vascular application, the performance of the systems is on the same level.

Therefore, if your budget is tight and you do not need the advanced applications that the S3000 offers, you will be more than happy with the Acuson S1000 or S2000.

The Best GE Vascular Ultrasound Machines

The best GE vascular ultrasound machines are the Logiq E9 and Logiq S8.

Firstly, the Logiq E9 is a premium ultrasound with features similar to the iE33 and Epiq 7 from Philips.

However, it is developed more for general imaging.

It offers fewer matrix and single-crystal probe options, but if you are used to the workflow of GE systems, then the Logiq E9 will offer comparable performance.

The second system from GE that we recommend is the Logiq S8.

This high-end ultrasound offers amazing vascular image quality, almost like the premium Logiq E9.

Nevertheless, it is much smaller and lighter than the Logiq E9. Hence, if you have limited space for your practice, the Logiq S8 could be a perfect choice.

The Best Canon Medical Vascular Ultrasound Machines

And what about Canon Medical (former Toshiba)?

The top ultrasounds for vascular exams from this brand are the Aplio 300, 400, and 500 that belong to the Aplio series.

Starting with the Aplio 300, this system represents an affordable version of the high-end of Canon Medical’s ultrasounds.

A slightly more feature-laden shared service ultrasound is the Aplio 400.

This system ensures that each examination delivers optimal results.

The Aplio 500 offers the best Canon technologies, such as ShearWave elastography, “fly-through” 3D/4D imaging, SmartFusion multi-modality comparison, Acoustic Structure Quantification, automated workflow, and many other high-end features.

Canon designed this ultrasound for advanced applications. However, many of them are not used in common imaging situations.

Usually, you would find this system in advanced imaging centers or in medium to large hospitals.

And what is one of the best features of the Aplio series?

Its ergonomic design, user-friendliness as well as a customizable user interface.

Generally, all the systems provide great image quality but due to its advanced options, the Aplio 500 will give you the best results.

Nevertheless, you must count on paying a higher price.

If you would like to learn more about the Aplio series and find out which fits your needs and budget, you can read our Aplio series comparison.

Sum Up

As demonstrated above, there are several ultrasound systems that are great at performing vascular examinations.

Each of the premium brands has at least two excellent machines.

Now you know what to choose from.

And hopefully, after reading this blog post, it is clearer which ones are the top systems and which ones fit your needs.

The most expensive vascular ultrasound machine does not have to be the most suitable for your practice!

If you would like more guidance, you are welcome to get in touch with us. We are always ready to help.

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