The Siemens Acuson S3000, S2000, and S1000 (Which One to Get)

The Siemens Acuson S family is a popular ultrasound line and includes the Acuson S3000, S2000, and S1000.

These systems are quite similar, and thus, some people have difficulty telling them apart and deciding which one to get.

Luckily, it is rather simple. At least it can be if you know what your needs are.

In this blog post, we outline the main similarities and differences of the models, including an explanation of HELX vs. non-HELX systems.

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Then just check the table at the end that explains the differences in options between the three systems.

The Siemens Acuson S Family

The Siemens Acuson S family is at the top of the line of Siemens ultrasounds and it contains:

  • S1000/S1000 HELX
  • S2000/S2000 HELX
  • S2000 ABVS
  • S3000/S3000 HELX

All the members of the S family are high-quality, versatile systems that can be used for a wide range of examinations.

Moreover, they have many features in common and are compatible with several of the same probes.

Then, what sets them apart?

The main thing is that the number of options that are standard differ, and more advanced options are available on the S2000 and the S3000.

Additionally, they were launched in different years:

  • S1000 in 2012
  • S2000 in 2008
  • S2000 ABVS in 2009
  • S3000 in 2012
  • Touchscreen-based S1000 HELX, S2000 HELX, and S3000 HELX in 2015

So, let us dig into the details a little bit.

For an easy overview of the standard and optional features we have referred to, see the table below:

Acuson S-series comparison

And what are the benefits of the HELX upgrade?

Finally, we would like to determine the benefits that come with the touchscreen based ultrasounds Acuson S3000 HELX, S2000 HELX, and S1000 HELX.

In 2015, with the aim of improving the usability of high-end ultrasounds, Siemens Healthcare debuted the HELX Evolution with Touch Control upgrade for its Acuson S family of ultrasounds.

The systems have been designed with a dedicated focus on user experience, including workflow efficiency, imaging performance, and sustainability.

Furthermore, the hardware and software upgrades for the Siemens Acuson S3000, S2000, and S1000 adds features, such as a simplified user interface, a touchscreen display, improved probes, image quality enhancements, and other configuration options.

From the HELX systems you can expect:

  • SieStream HD architecture
  • Wide screen HD monitor
  • Full screen viewing mode

What will this mean for you?

More detailed images as the SieStream HD architecture delivers high-definition imaging with high-density array transducers to the HD monitors.

Combined with the full-screen viewing mode it offers a great overview of the high-quality images.

You can watch a short comparison of the S1000 and S2000 HELX Touch below.

The Siemens Acuson S3000, S2000, and S1000 (Which One to Get)

Sum Up – Which One to Get

As stated, the most advanced system in the S family is the Acuson S3000 HELX.

But it is also the most expensive one.

If you do not need the extra, advanced options that the Acuson S3000 offers, it will be just as good to get either the S2000 or the S1000, depending on the needs you have.

The systems we have mentioned in this blog post are always in stock and now we also offer them fully refurbished.

If you would like more information, you are welcome to contact us at, our team will be happy to help you.

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