Are you wondering how the ultrasounds in the Aplio series – Aplio 500, 400, and 300 – differ?  

Let’s discuss it in this article.

And if you are interested in a specific system, simply jump to it:

  1. Aplio 300
  2.  Aplio 400
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We hope that by the end, you will have a good idea of the differences and similarities between these models and know which one fits your needs and your budget.

And if you are busy, just check the table at the end of this article that explains the differences in configurations between the three systems.

Aplio Series

The Aplio series from Canon Medical, including the Aplio 500, 400 and 300, was launched in 2011.

Canon Medical (at that time Toshiba) introduced this high-end ultrasound series as a giant leap forward in their ultrasound imaging, due to the inclusion of impressive features.

Since then, it has been a very well recognized series in the market for medical imaging equipment.



Aplio 400

So, let’s move onto the Aplio 400. This ultrasound is a slightly more feature-laden shared service system, which ensures that each examination yields optimal results.

Furthermore, the Aplio 400 will meet your day to day demands with ease.

Canon designed this system to grow with your practice as your patient workload develops or changes.

Thanks to its software-driven raw data platform, you can add advanced clinical applications to the Aplio 400 at the time you need them.

What are the extra options the Aplio 400 comes with?

For example, it has 4 active transducer ports as well as the Differential THI as a standard.  

Aplio 300

Firstly, we are going to look at the Aplio 300. This ultrasound is the most affordable from the Aplio series.

It has a small footprint and is the lightest system of the three.

Canon Medical designed the Aplio 300 to increase practitioners’ mobility when examining patients.

Moreover, its energy consumption is more efficient, with a power reduction of up to 23% in comparison to similar ultrasounds.

The Aplio 300 provides high performance and is both scalable and versatile, you can utilize it in a wide range of clinical specialities.

Furthermore, this system is cost-effective and great for day to day operations.

How much would you pay for a pre-owned Aplio 300 with a couple of pre-owned probes?

Around 25.000 euros.


Moreover, it has configurations that are not even available on the Aplio 300 such as MicroPure™, Realtime Elastography for convex transducers, Premium Imaging Package, and Tissue Specific Imaging Optimization (TSO).

Probably the most essential question: how much does this ultrasound cost?

A pre-owned system with a few used transducers will cost you around 30.000 euros.

Aplio 500

The best ultrasound of the three is the Aplio 500. This system offers excellent image quality and outstanding performance.

And it is the most expensive system in the Aplio series. A pre-owned system with a couple of pre-owned transducers costs around 35.000 euros,

What is so special about the Aplio 500?

This ultrasound offers the best Canon Medical technologies.

For instance:

ShearWave Elastography, Realtime Acoustic Structure Quantification, automated workflow, Fly-Thru 3D/4D imaging, Smart Fusion multi-modality comparison, which enables users to merge CT or MRI images with the ultrasound scan in real-time.

As you can see, Canon has designed this ultrasound for advanced applications.

Nevertheless, many of those you do not need in the usual imaging situations.

Most commonly, you can find this system in leading imaging centres or in medium to large hospitals.


All three, the Aplio 500, 400, and Aplio 300, are high-end ultrasounds that deliver superior image quality with outstanding depth and detail, along with automated features that bring their efficiency to a new level.

Some of the best features of the Aplio series are the ergonomic design, user-friendliness as well as customizable user interface.

And they are all great at radiology.  


So, how do the Canon Aplio 500, 400, and 300 differ?

The Aplio 300 is a system with the smallest footprint, lowest cost (25.000 euros), but also with the least features.

If you have a clinic or a small to medium size hospital and your budget is limited, this is the right system for you.

Subsequently, the Aplio 400 has more features and a medium price (30.000 euros).

It fits perfectly to busier clinics and hospitals

Finally, the Aplio 500 is the state-of-the-art ultrasound.

This system comes with great features, but you have to pay a higher price (35.000 euros).

Therefore, it is ideal for imaging centres or busy medium to large hospitals.

At LBN Medical we often have these three systems in stock.

We are able to customize the products with any options and probes and even refurbish them. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Aplio series, contact us at +45 96 886 500 or email us at

We cannot wait to hear from you and answer your questions!

And as we promised, here is an easy overview of the standard and optional features we have referred to. See the table below:

ConfigurationsAplio 300Aplio 400Aplio 500
19" high resolution TFT monitor with fully articulating arm and handle SSS
3/4 active transducer portsS/ONA/SNA/S
QuickScan one-touch image optimizationSSS
Integrated patient and image management incl. DICOM media and PC export via CD/DVD/USBSSS
HD Beamformer with AplioPure, Color-, Power-, and spectral Doppler, TDI and TwinViewSSS
Precision Imaging/Differential THIS/OS/SS/S
AplioPure+ advanced spatial compoundingSSS
Advanced Dynamic Flow (ADF)SSS
Trapezoid Imaging/Panoramic View/Linear Matrix ArrayS/O/NAS/O/NAS/O/O
Premium Imaging Package/Tissue Specific Imaging Optimization (TSO)NA/NAO/OS/S
3D/4D volume imaging packageO/OO/OO/O
3D Fly Thru Volume ImagingNANAO
CEUS package with Micro Flow Imaging, VRI/CEUS quantificationO/NAO/OO/O
Realtime Elastography for linear/convex transducers O/NAO/OO/O
Smart FusionNANAO
MicroPure/Realtime ASQNA/NAO/NAO/O
Stress Echo/Auto IMT/Wall Motion TrackingO/O/OO/O/OO/O/O

Explanations of the table´s abbreviations: S – Standard, O – Optional, NA – Not Available

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