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Specifications for the Philips iU22

  • YOM: 2011
  • Software Version:
  • HW revision: REV G.1
  • Application: 4D OB/GYN
  • Options Installed: Abdomen, Vascular, Contrast-General Imaging, TCD, Premium Imaging, Basis 3D imaging, 3D/4D Imaging, 3D Color, Live 3D, Live xPlane, Netlink DICOM 3.0, IMT, QLab 3DQ GI, ROI Tools, SmartExam, Langage Option: Swedish, PAL Video Option
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Philips IU22 ultrasound system

Philips iU22 – General Information

The Philips iU22 pushes the boundaries of image quality and automated quantification. It will help clinicians face the challenges within Women’s Health – Diverse needs, schedules, and tight budgets that require efficiency and simplicity.

Volume imaging is necessary for many types of ultrasound examinations. With this system, you can easily integrate this into your exams. Clinicians can extract data during the exam or after their patient has left. The Philips iU22 quantifies data on-cart or off-cart, and transfers images and measurements to reports with ease.

Achieving the absolute best image quality is critical for addressing diagnostic challenges. Therefore, Philips focused on probe design and technologies that increase the clarity and accuracy of the data. You can count on high-quality images from each exam with the Philips iU22.

The technologies are revolutionary – the xSTREAM architecture is all digital. It is powerful and processes large amounts of data simultaneously in real time. It also supports a broadband beamformer. Furthermore, it is very fast and performs over 250 billion operations per second. Hereby, it makes real-time performance possible in all modes. The Philips iU22 is an excellent ultrasound system, and offers cutting-edge 2D, 3D, 4D, MPR, and Live xPlane applications as well as new volume capabilities.

Another Philips iU22 feature is SonoCT. This is a technology that acquires up to nine lines of sight, without any special probe maneuvers. Additionally, it combines the individual images into one very clearly defined image. Hereby, images display striking levels of tissue differentiation, virtually free from artifacts.

Advanced XRES

This technology takes image brightness to the next level and it comes from MRI. However, they adapted it for ultrasound systems to reduce artifacts and improve border definition. SonoCT and XRES work together to display excellent images. This makes clinicians more confident when deciding on a diagnosis.

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