Main Topics:

  1. The Top 4 Cardiology Ultrasound Machines
  2. Vivid E95 XD Clear from GE
  3. Epiq 7C from Philips
  4. Aplio i900 from Toshiba
  5. Acuson SC2000 PRIME from Siemens
  6. Conclusion to the Best Cardiology Ultrasounds

There are plenty of cardiology ultrasound machines available on the market for used equipment, but which one is the best?

This is a difficult question to answer, especially when the selection is broad. 

In this blog post, we would like to introduce the cardiology ultrasound machines that we consider as the best in their league.

And hopefully, it will help you the next time you are looking for a cardiology ultrasound system. 

But before we start with details about the individual ultrasounds and reasons why they are the best, let’s talk a bit about what cardiology ultrasound means.


Cardiology Ultrasound

So what is cardiology ultrasound?

Cardiac or cardiology ultrasound, which is also known as echocardiography, refers to the ultrasound imaging of a very fast moving complex organ located deep within the body – the heart.

It is a useful tool for assessing the structure and function of the heart and related vessels.

Furthermore, cardiac ultrasound examination is a quick, easy, and painless assessment that uses ultrasound waves to produce images of the heart.

It provides doctors with live images of heart that allow them to evaluate its health.

Image analysis is driven heavily by technology because resolving the heart diseases requires a fairly detailed view of everything that moves in the heart. Such as heart muscles, valves, and blood.

Therefore, there is a need for many specialized ultrasound modes and applications for physicians to perform this type of analysis.

There are many systems that can do this, but if you want to know which are the very best, continue reading.


The Top 4 Cardiology Ultrasound Machines

The systems we have selected as the top ones are all high-end ultrasound systems manufactured by premium brands – Vivid E95 from GE, Epiq 7C from Philips, Aplio I900 from Toshiba, and SC2000 PRIME from Siemens.

Let’s learn more about them.

Vivid E95 XD Clear from GE

The Vivid E95 from GE is a high-end 4D cardiovascular ultrasound system. It has replaced the GE Vivid E9 via integrating an advanced software-based image processing system, cSound, the new XDClear transducer technology.

And therefore, the Vivid E95 became the best cardiology ultrasound from GE.

It offers excellent image quality in 2D and 4D, and you can also use it for more challenging patients.

Moreover, the system comes with several innovative features to help clinicians perform faster and better examinations.

GE developed the Vivid E95 with the new cSound beamformer technology.

This means that it uses software instead of hardware for beamformer functions.

Hereby it allows the cardiology ultrasound to utilize 10-15% more of the data from the ultrasound probe, for clearer and more accurate images.

Its features include HDlive, Triplane, and more.

HDlive is an advanced visualization technique that simulates light propagation and scattering throughout the tissue, thereby providing clearer images.

Triplane allows better visualization of the heart, as it enables clinicians to see three planes simultaneously, from a single heartbeat. Of course, in high temporal and spatial resolution.


Cardiology Ultrasound - GE Vivid E95


To make clinician’s life easier and improve their effectiveness, the GE Vivid E95 has several quantification tools dealing with cardiovascular issues.

For example, 4D strain and 4D Auto AVQ, the first calculates the strain values and the second quantifies the aortic outflow tract.

The pre-owned or refurbished GE Vivid E95 offers an exceptional quality at a more affordable price.

Moreoverif you would like to purchase a great alternative to the GE Vivid E95, consider the GE Vivid E9.

Do you want to know more about the XDClear technology?

Then read our blog post about Ultrasound Probe Technology.

Epiq 7C from Philips

Philips launched the Epiq 7C in 2013 and since then, it has been the best cardiology ultrasound machine that Philips has brought on the market.

Without a doubt, the Epiq 7C is a top-of-the-line system.

It features an uncompromised level of clinical performance and what’s more, it meets the challenges of today’s most demanding practices.

Philips says that this system has the most powerful architecture they have ever applied to ultrasound imaging – the nSIGHT imaging architecture.

Its performance touches all aspects of acoustic acquisition and processing.


What is so great about the nSIGHT Imaging from philips?

The proprietary nSIGHT Imaging architecture is a completely new approach to creating ultrasound images without compromise.

Unlike conventional systems that form a line-by-line image, nSIGHT creates images with optimal resolution down to the pixel level.

In addition, nSIGHT Imaging incorporates the use of a new precision beamformer along with powerful, massive, and parallel processing.

This extraordinary architecture captures vast amounts of acoustic data.

Then it reconstructs in real time optimally focused beams, creating a precise resolution for each pixel in the image.

Cardiology Ultrasound Epiq 7C



Furthermore, the system has a feature called the Mitral Valve Navigator (MVN).

It has been designed to take a Live 3D volume of the mitral valve and turn it into an easy-to-interpret model.

Last but not least, the Epiq 7C has reinvented the premium ultrasound user experience.

It is easy to use, mobile and has an advanced workflow for super ergonomics.

The Epiq 7C has a lot to offer and its price corresponds to it.

In case you would like to buy a cheaper alternative to this cardiology ultrasound, check out the Philips iE33.

It is also an excellent product, that is considered a high-end ultrasound system.



The Epiq 7C also comes with xMATRIX which is a leading-edge and versatile ultrasound transducer technology.

And the revolutionary nSIGHT architecture makes xMATRIX even more powerful.

No other premium ultrasound system is compatible with a complete set of the most innovative ultrasound probes in the world.

The xMATRIX offers all modes in a single transducer. Such as 2D, 3D/4D, Live xPlane, Live MPR, MPR, Doppler, color Doppler, and CPA.

Other Features

The Epiq 7C offers a complete set of easy-to-use quantitative tools.

Among the most important ones is the Automation Automated 2D Quantification (a2DQ) and Automated Cardiac Motion Quantification (aCMQ), both with ZeroClick technology for adult and pediatric echo.


Aplio i900 from Toshiba

The Aplio i900 belongs to the Toshiba´s newest premium ultrasound series – The Aplio i-series.

The system combines the industry-leading image quality with a highly intuitive design.

Moreover, it brings ultra-premium cardiac imaging to an everyday clinical setting.

Hence, offering healthcare facilities a more cost-effective, less invasive, and safer solution than other radiation emitting modalities.

This system boasts innovative features that enable physicians to quickly and easily assess myocardial function or quantify complex valvular lesions with greater depth and detail.

The Aplio i900 delivers extreme processing power that helps healthcare providers see more in their ultrasound exams.

That is due to thinner beam slices and more return information in each image.

In addition, the new beam generation technology, iBeam, optimizes beam efficiency, increases penetration, spatial resolution, and contrast resolution.

The Aplio i900 comes with great features, among them are the Wall Motion Tracking, the Automated MVA Assessment and Surgical View. 

The Wall Motion Tracking provides immediate visual and quantitative access to global and regional myocardial wall motion dynamics in 2D and 3D.

Next, the automated MVA tool provides concise anatomic and functional assessment of the mitral valve.

The function’s quad display offers a clear overview of different scan planes.

With the Surgical View, at a simple touch of a button, Aplio demonstrates the mitral valve as seen by the surgeon to facilitate visual assessment of the leaflets for better surgical planning. 

The Aplio i900 is the best from Toshiba´s cardiac ultrasounds.

However, if you are looking for a cardiology ultrasound from Toshiba at a lower budget, we recommend that you consider Toshiba Artida.

Acuson SC2000 PRIME from Siemens

The best ultrasound cardiology machine from Siemens is the Acuson SC2000 PRIME.

This cardiology ultrasound provides superior image quality with IN Focus and real-time True Volume imaging.

It also increases productivity with 1-click measurements, automated protocols, and navigational tools.

With 64 parallel beams, the SC2000 provides real-time, high-quality images and quantification that provides actionable intelligence throughout patient management.

Furthermore, it performs 2D and 3D transthoracic (TTE), transesophageal (TEE), and intracardiac echocardiography (ICE). 

Therefore, it will handle all your cardiovascular imaging needs.

IN Focus coherent technology focuses on every pixel at every depth all the time.

This way it secures better spatial resolution, precise border definition, and blood flow visualization, without compromising frame rate.

The Siemens SC2000 gives you the possibility to visualize the heart in real-time with True Volume b-mode and volume color Doppler imaging.

Hence, it provides you with real-time assessment of anatomy and physiology at clinically relevant volume size and volume rates without stitching.

Which is essential for diagnosis and SHD interventions.

Another important feature of the system is TrueFusion.

TrueFusion integrates advanced ultrasound and angiographic imaging for better navigation and guidance during structural heart disease interventions.


As demonstrated above, all the major brands in the industry have at least one exceptional cardiology ultrasound.

We believe that after reading this blog post, you will be better prepared to decide which one fits your needs the best. However, these ultrasounds are quite expensive and are most relevant for highly specialized clinics. If you are looking for a midrange system or system that is also good for general imaging, that will still fulfill your needs, contact us for guidance. We are always ready to help.


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