The Best Cardiology Ultrasound Machines

There are many cardiology ultrasound machines available on the market for used equipment, but which one is the best?

In this article, we will introduce the cardiology ultrasounds that we consider best in their league.

Before we start, let us briefly walk over what cardiac ultrasound means.

Cardiology or cardiac ultrasound, also known as echocardiography, refers to the ultrasound imaging of the heart.
It examines the structure and function of the heart and related vessels. In live images.

Image analysis is driven by technology, as diagnosing heart disease requires a fairly detailed view of the heart and blood movement. Therefore, ultrasound systems can be highly specialized for this area.

There are several systems that can perform these exams, but coming up are our top choices.

The Top 4 Cardiology Ultrasound Machines

The systems we have selected as the top ones are all high-end ultrasound systems manufactured by premium brands. they are; Vivid E95 from GE, Epiq 7C from Philips, Aplio I900 from Toshiba (now Canon), and SC2000 PRIME from Siemens. We focused on products available or soon available on the used market.

Let’s learn more about each.

Vivid E95 XD Clear from GE

The Vivid E95 from GE is a high-end 4D cardiovascular ultrasound system. It replaced the GE Vivid E9 and has an advanced software-based image processing system, cSound, the new XDClear transducer technology.

And hereby, the Vivid E95 became the best cardiology ultrasound from GE. And is now their best available on the used market.

It offers excellent image quality in 2D and 4D, and also for more challenging patients. Moreover, the system comes with several innovative features to help clinicians perform faster and better.

Epiq 7C from Philips

Philips launched the Epiq 7C in 2013 and it is a excellent cardiology ultrasound machine. Without a doubt, the Epiq 7C is top-of-the-line available on the used market.

It features an uncompromised level of clinical performance and what’s more, it meets the challenges of today’s most demanding practices.

Aplio i900 from Toshiba

The Aplio i900 belongs to the newest premium ultrasound series of Tohiba (now Canon) – The Aplio i-series.

The system combines the industry-leading image quality with a highly intuitive design.
Moreover, it brings ultra-premium cardiac imaging to an everyday clinical setting.

This system boasts innovative features that enable physicians to quickly and easily assess myocardial function or quantify complex valvular lesions with greater depth and detail.

The Aplio i900 delivers extreme processing power that helps healthcare providers see more in their ultrasound exams. This is due to thinner beam slices and more return information in each image.

Additionally, the new beam generation technology, iBeam, optimizes beam efficiency, increases penetration, spatial resolution, and contrast resolution.

The Aplio i900 comes with great features, among them are the Wall Motion Tracking, the Automated MVA Assessment and Surgical View. 

Wall Motion Tracking provides immediate visual and quantitative access to global and regional myocardial wall motion dynamics in 2D and 3D.
The automated MVA tool provides concise anatomic and functional assessment of the mitral valve while the function’s quad display offers a clear overview of different scan planes.
Surgical View, in one touch, demonstrates the mitral valve as seen by the surgeon to facilitate visual assessment of the leaflets for better surgical planning. 

The Aplio i900 is the best cardiac ultrasounds from Toshiba available on the used market.

However, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, we recommend that you consider Toshiba Artida.

Acuson SC2000 PRIME from Siemens

The best ultrasound cardiology machine on the used market from Siemens is the Acuson SC2000 PRIME.

This cardiology ultrasound provides superior image quality with IN Focus and real-time True Volume imaging.
It also increases productivity with 1-click measurements, automated protocols, and navigational tools.

Samsung Cardio-Vascular Ultrasounds

As an addition to the incredible cardio ultasounds, we wanted to mention the Samsung HS70A to the list. This is a cardio and vascular system. The HS70A is comprised of many advanced imaging technologies which helps boost image quality and confident diagnosis.

Samsung ultrasounds for cardio-vascular are not very common, however, we think this one is worth including.

Sum Up

As demonstrated above, all the major brands in the industry have at least one exceptional cardiology ultrasound.

High-end cardiac systems are typically priced from 25.000 – 40.000 euros on th eused market, excluding probes.
However, the alternatives mentioned as well are in the ragne 8.000 – 20.000 euros. So there are plenty of options for a tighter budget as well.

All of the models mentioned above are delivering high quality imaging. When choosing between brands, the main concern is availability to service, and your personal preference.

And remember to consider if your practice requires the very top of the line, or if you are covered well with a more mid-range solution at a better price. Unless you are a highly specialized clinic, chances are that the mid-range will cover you well.

What is next?

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