Used Hitachi MRI Machine for Sale

Hitachi MRI scanners have clear images and are designed for patient comfort with open designs to reduce anxiety during scans.

Also, their energy-efficient operation not only lowers running costs but also supports a more sustainable medical practice. The Hitachi MRI machine is a top choice among our customers.

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Hitachi Aperto Lucent 0.4T

A sophisticated system with a permanent magnet providing static field strength, and a compact gantry.

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Hitachi Aperto 0.4T

A unique system as it is the only panoramic open MRI available on the market.

General information about Hitachi MRI Machines

Hitachi is a respected company in MRI technology, known for its innovation and reliability in medical imaging. 

Hitachi MRI scanners are designed with a focus on patient comfort and ease of use, incorporating advanced imaging technologies that ensure high-quality diagnostic results. 

These systems have an open design that helps patients feel less anxious during scans, making the experience less claustrophobic. 

Additionally, Hitachi’s emphasis on ecological design means their machines are energy-efficient and have a reduced environmental footprint.

Used Hitachi MRI Machine for Sale

Hitachi Aperto Lucent 0.4T

The Hitachi Aperto Lucent 0.4T MRI scanner features advanced magnetic circuit technology to enhance open MRI capabilities. Its RADAR technology effectively reduces motion artifacts in various imaging sequences, improving image clarity. 

This Hitachi MRI machine has advanced diagnostic features like PrimeFSE and CE-Perfusion, designed for detailed and high resolution imaging of blood parameters in the brain. It also supports high-definition 2048×2048 image reconstruction. 

The Aperto Lucent is perfect for detailed clinical diagnostics, offering high functionality and improved patient comfort.

Hitachi Aperto 0.4T

The Hitachi Aperto 0.4T MRI scanner is the first to offer a 0.4T permanent magnetic field. It also has a fully open gantry which helps increase patient comfort. At the same time it minimizes magnetic field leakage. 

Equipped with VOSI technology and high-sensitivity receiving coils, this Hitachi MRI machine delivers superior image quality. 

The open design facilitates easy patient access, speeding up setup and improving workflow. The Balanced SARGE sequence is great for heart and joint tests, giving clear images for quick and accurate medical assessments.

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