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Specifications for the GE Voluson E10

  • YOM: 2016
  • Software Version: EC310
  • HW revision: BT16
  • HW Accessories: Foot switch
  • Application: 4D OB/GYN
  • Options installed: Advanced 4D, Vocal II, Advanced VCI, IOTA LR2, V-SRI, CW, Advanced STIC, IEC62359 Ed.2, BT Activation
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GE Voluson E10 ultrasound

GE Voluson E10 – General Information

The GE Voluson E10 is a high-end, dedicated Women’s Health ultrasound system. It comes with the brand-new technology – Radiance System Architecture, that increases the imaging performance of the system. The Radiance System Architecture ensures spectacular 2D, 3D, and 4D images with increased penetration. Furthermore, it greatly increases transfer rates, for higher resolutions and faster frame rates, and offers more processing power for advanced applications.
Hereby, healthcare professionals can diagnose and investigate Women’s Health issues confidently and effectively.

Additionally, the GE Voluson E10 has other innovative features to improve exam quality, like Electronic 4D and V-SRI. Electronic 4D. In combination with the exceptional curved electronic matrix 4D probe, the eM6C probe, they deliver fast volume rates, flexible image formats, and an extraordinary resolution.
V-SRI provides a high level of speckle reduction, and hereby improve 3D and 4D quality in multi-planar studies. Furthermore, it offers an improved smoothing effect on rendered images.

GE, as always, designed it with the user in mind, therefore, the Voluson E10 offers solid ergonomics and great user-friendliness. It is easily adjustable and has several automatic tools to obtain the measurements you need.

The GE Voluson is overall a superb ultrasound system with several advanced applications and options. This adds up to a system with excellent image quality to support women’s’ health all through their pregnancies. From 1st trimester studies to fetal cardiac assessments.

It is an advanced and therefore a quite expensive system. Because of this, it is also a popular choice to buy either a used Voluson E10, or a demo system, as you will get the high quality at a lower price. Contact our sales department today, and they will help you find the right system for your needs.

If you want to learn more you can read our article – Comparison of the Voluson E10, E8, and E6.

You can also learn more about us and the products we offer on our Youtube Channel.


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