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Samsung RS80A – General Information

The Samsung RS80A is an innovative and intuitive product that prioritizes your comfort while greatly increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your work. It was created with your scanning needs in mind. This ultrasound system consistently provides outstanding image quality throughout the entire area it serves, ensuring precise diagnoses.

The S-Vision Architecture and S-Vue transducer, both recently developed technologies, are at the core of the Samsung RS80A. These innovative developments influence how signals are produced and received, optimize transducers, and hone imaging processing techniques, all of which contribute to the delivery of exceptional image quality.

By reducing noise and artifacts, the system’s S-Vision Beamformer transmits ideal signals for high-resolution imaging. It excels in various general imaging applications.

The S-Vue transducer makes pathology visualization simple thanks to its wide bandwidth and increased sensitivity. It’s suitable even for challenging patients and offers an ergonomic, fatigue-reducing design.

Intelligent Diagnosis
S-Detect™ for Breast utilizes the BI-RADS® scoring system to analyze specific areas in breast imaging. This streamlines the diagnostic process by reducing unnecessary biopsies and saving time. The efficiency and accuracy of breast exams are improved because users can quickly define lesion boundaries by touching the screen, and the BI-RADS® score is automatically displayed.

Efficient Elastography
E-Breast™ simplifies breast lesion analysis using elastography. Users can effortlessly select a single region of interest (ROI), streamlining the process and enhancing user-friendliness.

E-ThyroidTM uses elastography to calculate strain ratios and is specifically designed for thyroid nodule assessments. Impressively, it acquires elastography images using the carotid artery’s pulsation. Both improve diagnostic objectivity, resulting in more accurate assessments of thyroid and breast conditions.

Precision Needle Placement
A crucial tool for accurate needle placement during medical procedures, Clear Track provides a visual needle placement guide to improve accuracy and user confidence.
Advanced QuickScan™ technology simplifies workflow by automatically optimizing crucial imaging parameters with a single touch. This includes modifications like angle correction, color gain, and color box placement. It substantially improves workflow and boosts efficiency during ultrasound interventions.

With the Samsung RS80A, you can rely on it to consistently deliver the highest level of image quality, which is essential for accurate and trustworthy medical diagnoses.

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