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Specifications for the GE Voluson S6

  • YOM: 2013
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GE Voluson S6 Ultrasound machine

GE Voluson S6 – General Information

The Voluson S6 is an innovative and budget-friendly ultrasound system for OB/GYN. It belongs to the GE family: Signature Series. These ultrasounds allow more clinicians to bring the benefits of this remarkable technology to their patients.

The system offers an excellent combination of capabilities for effective care. The Voluson S6 will provide you with extraordinary 2D image quality, which is the foundation of the Voluson ultrasounds. The system it is the result of system intelligence and Voluson software and probe technology. Moreover, it requires minimal user interaction for excellent optimization. And it provides not only 2D images but also outstanding 3D and 4D images.

Furthermore, the GE Voluson S6 has excellent volume imaging capabilities. They are based on the outstanding 2D imaging and are enabled by user-friendly workflow. The system´s automation advances improve the speed, quality and consistency of OB/GYN studies. At the same time, they are enabling practices to expand into new clinical areas.

The workflow tools on the S6 are easy to learn and use. Hereby they help busy practices maintain high quality while reducing the time required to conduct, analyze, and report on exams. You will get support with tools, such as SonoRender Start, which enables you to quickly optimize volume rendering with the touch of a single button.

Next, Volume Contrast Imaging helps deliver a high contrast resolution of static and real-time 3D volume in all planes, to help increase image clarity in early second-trimester studies.

Lastly, probes are critical to both the quality and speed of exams. Therefore, the GE Voluson S6 supports a wide range of advanced 2D and 3D probes. The probe´s innovative technology delivers high quality images with exceptional clarity. As mentioned before, you need minimal interaction with the system – just place the probe and scan with confidence.

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