Samsung HERA W10

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Siemens HERA W10

Siemens HERA W10 – General Information

The Samsung HERA W10 marks a significant advancement in ultrasound technology, especially for women’s health. It’s designed to provide clear, detailed images and user-friendly operation, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of diagnoses.

Innovative Features

  • Crystal Architecture™: A unique imaging system combining CrystalBeam™ and CrystalLive™ technologies.
  • CrystalBeam™: Ensures superior image resolution and uniformity, crucial for accurate diagnoses.
  • CrystalLive™: Enhances 2D and 3D imaging and color processing, offering outstanding image quality.

Enhanced Diagnostic Capabilities

  • Superior Image Clarity: Advanced beamforming and Synthetic Aperture technologies contribute to faster, clearer images, essential for reliable diagnostics.
  • Targeted Imaging with ShadowHDR™: Optimizes ultrasound frequencies to reduce shadows in critical areas like the fetal head or spine, providing clearer diagnostic images.
  • Improved Color Imaging: Enhanced color processing in CrystalLive™ allows for more precise visualization of blood flow, aiding in the detection of vascular conditions.

Dedicated to Women’s Health

  • Specialized for Obstetrics and Gynecology: Samsung HERA W10 is specifically designed for detailed fetal and women’s health examinations.
  • Confidence in Diagnostics: With improved imaging technologies, the system aids healthcare professionals in making more confident and accurate diagnoses.


The Samsung HERA W10 is not just an ultrasound machine; it’s a commitment to women’s health. By providing clearer, more detailed images and a user-friendly interface, it empowers healthcare providers to offer better care. The Samsung HERA W10 is an essential tool in modern Obstetrics and Gynecology, setting new standards in ultrasound diagnostics.

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