Siemens Acuson NX3 Elite

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Specifications for the Siemens Acuson NX3 Elite

  • YOM: 2016
  • Software Version: VA10H
  • HW Accessories: Gel Warmer
  • Application: General Imaging
  • Options Installed: SyngoLite US NX3, US System Security VP NX3, US System License NX3 Elite, US Wireless NX3, US TGO/DEQ NX3, US HD Zoom NX3, US DICOM Connectivity NX3, US Tissue Harmonic Img NX3, US DTCE NX3, US Advanced SieClear NX3
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Samsung Acuson NX3 Elite

Siemens Acuson NX3 Elite – General Information

In ultrasound diagnostics, the Siemens Acuson NX3 Elite stands out due to its innovation and efficiency. Carefully designed to meet the demands of modern medical professionals, the Acuson NX3 Elite seamlessly integrates powerful functionality with user-friendly features, setting a new benchmark in ultrasound imaging.

Key Features of the Siemens Acuson NX3 Elite

  • Advanced Workflow Solutions: The Siemens Acuson NX3 Elite is engineered to deliver precise and consistent results. It offers up to 28% fewer keystrokes and thrice as many user-customizable settings compared to traditional systems, making it a faster, more intuitive choice for clinicians.

  • Enhanced Imaging Performance: With its largest-in-class 21.5” display and a 220° endocavity transducer, the Acuson NX3 Elite expands the field of view by up to 75%. This translates into more comprehensive and detailed imaging, vital for accurate diagnostics.

  • Innovative Design and Interface: The user interface of the Siemens Acuson NX3 Elite is a model of ergonomic design. Its intuitive layout and customizable settings reduce user fatigue and increase efficiency in clinical settings.

  • Syngo® Auto OB Measurements: This exclusive feature of the Siemens Acuson NX3 Elite simplifies routine anatomical measurements, making them faster than traditional methods.


  • Versatile Transducer Library: The comprehensive transducer library, including the VF12-4 and new 220° endocavity transducers, enhances the system’s ability to detect and characterize a wide range of conditions.

Advantages of the Siemens Acuson NX3 Elite

The Siemens Acuson NX3 Elite revolutionizes ultrasound imaging with its emphasis on user-centric design and cutting-edge technology. Its advanced features not only streamline the workflow but also elevate the precision of diagnostics. The system’s adaptability across various specialties, from general imaging to OB/Gyn, makes it a versatile asset in any clinical environment.

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