How Much Does a CT Scanner Cost – Easy Overview

When buying a CT scanner, you need a system that is appropriate both for your needs and your budget. And “How much does a CT scanner cost” is an often asked, and important question.
However, there is not one simple answer.
Several factors influence the prices. One of the strong determinants is the number of slices.

More factors are: Brand, tube condition, and whether it is a used, refurbished, or a new CT scanner.

How Much Does a CT Scanner Cost – Overview

For a quick overview of prices based on slice count check the table below – Not that all prices are in euros and for the system, meaning that it does not include crating, shipping, installation etc.

How Much Does a CT Scanner cost pr. slice count - LBN Medical

So in short, the cost of CT scanners range from 35.000 to more than 250.000 euros on the used market. You can get a 16-slice systems for around 80.000 euros but improved capabilities mean higher prices.
Hereby, newer models with 256 slices and more cost from 250.000 euros and up.

Next question is – How many slices do you need?

As a general indication, see the table below.

CT slice count in Relation to Application - LBN Medical

If you prefer you can also get the prices explained by our Key Account Manager Edgar in the Video below – CT Scanner Price – How much does a CT scanner cost.
You can see more videos on our Youtube channel.

How Much Does a CT Scanner Cost - Easy Overview

Prices of New and Refurbished CT Scanners

To give you an idea of prices of new and refurbished CT scanners, we will offer a general rule of thumb:
Prices of used systems are usually 50-80% lower than new prices. And prices for OEM refurbished systems are typically 30-40% lower than new prices.

What does that mean for you?

You can afford a much more advanced CT scanner if you buy used or refurbished than if you buy a new. Or you can get a similar model at a more attractive price.

Prices of 4- and 8-slice CT Scanners

CT systems with a lower number of slices are popular as a cost-efficient solution when only basic CT imaging is required.

You are able to perform a wide variety of examinations, but they do take longer, as only a smaller part of the body is obtained with each rotation. The cost of a used CT scanner with 4-8 slices is typically 35.000 – 60.000 euros.

Popular systems include: Toshiba Asteion S4, Toshiba Asteion Multi, and GE Lightspeed Ultra.

Prices of 64-slice CT Scanners

The used systems with 64 slices typically cost 90.000 – 130.000 euros.

They offer cardiac options, but it is basic cardiac compared to the newer high-end systems. Moreover, it is necessary to decrease the heart rate with medication before examinations with 64 slice systems, but not if the system has more slices. Nevertheless, the 64 slice systems are popular and great for a variety of applications.

Popular systems include: Toshiba Aquilion 64 and Philips Brilliance 64.

Price of CT Scanners with +256 Slices

These are high-end CT scanners that have exceptional image quality and are outstanding for cardiac exams, as they can image the full heart in one rotation.

What does that mean for patients?

No sedatives or other medications to decrease the heart rate are necessary. Furthermore, it reduces artifacts caused by movement.

So how much does a CT scanner cost if you want these top of the line models? These CTs has prices that range from 250.000 euros and upwards for a used system.

Popular systems include: Toshiba Aquilion One and Philips Brilliance ICT.

Other Factors That Influence CT Scanner Price

Below you can click each bar to learn more about how that specific factor affects the prices of CT scanners.

  • Brand

    The prices may, of course, vary a little between brands, but at LBN Medical we focus on the top brands only. These include Canon (former Toshiba), GE, Siemens, and Philips.

    Among these, the prices do not vary significantly, and brand consideration is mainly an issue in the buying process if you have any specific preferences, or if you have easier access to maintenance of some brands rather than others.

    However – we do find that GE is a little more expensive but provides excellent service and cheaper parts. Siemens and Philips provide the cheapest systems if you choose a water-cooled one. But Siemens’ new systems typically have a dual-tube, which is quite expensive to repair.

  • Age of the CT scanner

  • Tube

  • Warranty and installation

  • Workstations

We hope that this article answered the question gave you a good overview of how much a CT scanner cost.

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