GE Revolution HD 128

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Specifications for the GE Revolution HD 128

  • YOM: 2015
  • Software Version: HD4.0
  • Slices: 128
  • Tube Model: Perseus
  • Tube YOM: 2022
  • Tube Count: 151702141 mAs
  • Phantoms Type Incl.: QA phantom
  • Options Installed: AutoFilter-and-Transfer Helicalshuttle ASIR Enhanced Xtream Injector Xtream Recon High Resolution Dynamic Z-Axis Tracking OverLapped Recon-Axial Enhanced GSI Organ Dose Modulation GSI Snapshot Pulse Dynamic Transition XtDisplay-ECGWAVE High Pitch Helical-1,53 XtDisplay-OneStopScanning Image check AWE Connection SnapShotAssist Temporal Enhance KV-Assist mA Profile ASIR-V HD-Smart MAR Connect Pro Patient-64-slice Gemstone Spectral Imaging SmartScore Pro VolumeViewer VCT-Hi-Power Sub-0.4-Second-Scan EKG Viewer CardIQ Snapshot CardIQSnapshot-Cine SnapShot Assist Exam Split Direct-MPR DentaScan Smart Prep AutomA 3000 Image Series NoiseReductionFilter Data Export CopyComposer Real Time CT Fluoro Axialshuttle NeuroFilter AutoFilter-and-Transfer Helicalshuttle ASIR Enhanced Xtream Injector Xtream Recon High Resolution Dynamic Z-axis Tracking Overlapped Recon - Axial Enhanced GSI Organ Dose Modulation GSI SnapShot Pulse Dynamic Transition XtDisplay-ECGWave High Pitch Helical - 1.53 XtDisplay-OneStopScanning Image Check AWE connection SnapShotAssist Temporal Enhance kV_Assist mA Profile AS iR-V HD_Smart MAR
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GE Revolution HD 128

GE Revolution HD 128 – General Information

The GE Revolution HD 128 represents a significant advancement in radiology, combining advanced technology, superb image quality, and exceptional efficiency. This cutting-edge CT scanner, designed to reshape medical imaging standards, exemplifies GE Healthcare’s commitment to innovation and patient-centered care.

It’s unrivaled image quality is at its heart. Its 128-slice capability produces incredibly detailed and high-resolution images, revealing even the most intricate anatomical structures. This precision is further enhanced further by advanced features such as adaptive image filtration, which ensures maximum clarity while minimizing radiation exposure.

With its smart automation features, the Revolution HD 128 addresses the issue of time. The Intelligent Auto protocol aids in the quick selection of scan parameters, tailoring each scan to the patient’s specific needs. Furthermore, Smart Flow optimizes contrast injection, increasing efficiency and ensuring consistent image quality.

The Revolution HD 128 goes beyond standard anatomical imaging. CardIQ makes cardiac assessment more comprehensive and accurate, allowing for timely diagnosis and personalized treatment planning. It also provides advanced imaging for neurology, oncology, and vascular studies, making it a useful tool for a wide range of clinical applications.

Equipped with low-dose tools such as Smart Technology that maintain precision without sacrificing speed. Revolution 128 uses these sophisticated image reconstruction algorithms to improve clarity even at low radiation levels. Radiologists can confidently analyze these images, allowing for more accurate diagnoses while reducing potential radiation-related risks.

The GE Revolution HD 128 reimagines radiology by providing unmatched precision, enhanced patient comfort, and streamlined workflow. Its combination of technological advancement, patient-centered design, and advanced automation sets a new standard in medical imaging.

Revolution HD 128 delivers confidence with superb image quality in every study, clinical flexibility, faster exams, and the right dose for every patient – complete capability with complete confidence.

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