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Toshiba Aquilion 16 CT Scanner

Toshiba Aquilion 16 – General Information

The Aquilion LB with 16 slices is the ideal choice for a busy hospital or clinic that does many CT procedures daily as this system is a “workhorse”. Therefore it is the perfect addition to a fast paced radiology department with a high volume of patients.

In the first place, the system has great features for faster exams and improved image quality for quicker diagnosis. Furthermore, it is a multi-slice helical CT system with a fast gantry rotation of just 0,5 seconds. Hereby, it enables quick full-body scans and reduces distortion of moving organs. This makes it capable of a range of examinations, even very basic lung and cardiac studies. Therefore, the Toshiba Aquilion 16 LB is an excellent general imaging Toshiba CT scanner. The slice thickness of 0,5 mm contributes to accurate imaging. Hereby, it allows physicians to make quick and accurate diagnoses from a single data set.

Moreover, the Aquilion LB comes with the innovative solution Sure Technologies™ applications. This includes SURE Start which monitors the uptake of contrast in the target area. Hereby, the scan automatically starts when contrast has reached this area. This ensures high quality images, at the lowest possible dose.

The real-time helical function of the Toshiba Aquilion 16 allows instantaneous visualization of acquired images. Hence, this is ideal for trauma and emergency situations, e.g. massive internal bleeding, as you can immediately identify the patient’s condition. Therefore, this special real-time function helps to enhance patient care and safety.

Fluoroscopic studies are easily performed on the Toshiba Aquilion LB. Plus, the SureFluoro™ application provides the physician with a display of three slices at one time. Moreover, this allows more accurate tracking of the needle in biopsy and other procedures, hereby greatly reducing the discomfort of the patient and offering greater safety.

In addition to this, Toshiba also presents a CT scanner with the industry’s largest bore – Toshiba Aquilion LB. The advantage of it is an extremely wide aperture of about 90 cm, which makes the possibility to accurately scan patients of any size in various positions.

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