The Voluson series is a well-known line of ultrasounds used for OB/GYN that includes several different models.
In this blog post, we are not going to present all of them. However, we will take a closer look and compare the GE Voluson E10, E8, and E6 models.

By the end, you should have a good idea of the differences and similarities between these models.

Also, it should be clear how much you should set aside on your budget.

Voluson E6

GE Voluson E6

GE Voluson E6

First, we will take a closer look at the Voluson E6.

It is a high-end 4D ultrasound that is great for women’s health examinations. It delivers excellent image quality not only in 4D but also in 2D and 3D.

GE has designed this system to ease the workflow of practitioners and to optimize patient comfort. The Voluson E6 can easily be relocated and it is energy efficient.

It comes with innovative technologies such as the SonoVCADTM heart, which is a tool that helps with the examination of the heart of the fetus.

Moreover, it has the SonoVCAD labor that is active when measuring fetal head progression, rotation, and direction. And the E6 also brings a range of quality assurance tools, including the Scan Assistant feature.

Despite the technologies and tools the Voluson E6 has, it is a budget-friendly ultrasound. The price for the used Voluson E6 varies from 15 – 30 thousand Euros, depending on the number of probes and options you require.


Voluson E8

GE Voluson E8 ultrasound system

GE Voluson E8

The Voluson E8 and E6 are quite similar but the E6 is a “feature reduced” version of the E8. Therefore, there are more probes and options (such as Advanced STIC, V-SRI, Expert) available on the Voluson E8.

Furthermore, the newer Voluson E8 with BT version 13 offers more innovative technologies than its earlier versions. And it takes the image quality to another level. For example, the HDlive technology, which provides excellent anatomical realism and increases depth perception.

It has features that improve visualization of the fetal cardiovascular system, increase quality of echo exams, arrhythmia assessment, and heart function measurements.

Additionally, the E6 does not have an Expert version, but E8 can become E8 Expert by activating the Expert option.

The Voluson E8 Expert offers full functionality and performance of the “standard” E8 platform by providing a new feature Wide Sector (extended field of view of curved array probes by means of beam steering) on all probes capable of this feature.

Moreover, the function of the Matrix Volume Probes (RAM3-8, RM6C, and RSM5-14, RM14L) and the high-resolution transvaginal probe RIC6-12 are enabled on the E8 Expert.

As well as for the Voluson E6, the price range for the used Voluson E8 is between 15 to 30 thousand Euros

Voluson E10

GE Voluson E10 Ultrasound system LBN Medical

GE Voluson E10

Lastly, we will have a look at the Voluson E10 from GE.

It is the most advanced system out of the three ultrasounds compared in this blog post.

This high-end ultrasound comes with a new GE technology – Radiance System Architecture. The technology enhances the imaging performance of the Voluson E10. Thanks to this advanced design, the system delivers more clarity, speed, and flexibility than the Voluson E8 – BT13.

The sophisticated beam formation and powerful processing with the Radiation System Architecture give you 4 times more ultrasound pathways, which ensures 2D and 3D/4D images with increased penetration and clarity.

When it comes to speed, the data transfer rate is 10 times faster, which results in higher resolution and very fast frame rates.

Furthermore, the processing power of the Voluson E10 is 4 times higher and enables advanced applications and efficient workflow. All this is based on the new Radiance System Architecture with large and fast data throughput capacity and lower acquisition time.

Lastly, the Voluson E10 is the foundation for GE Voluson e4D technology. It provides the 4D imaging possibilities every practitioner dreams of when doing OB/GYN exams. The Radiance System Architecture together with the first commercially available curved matrix electronic 4D probe – eM6C, deliver ultra-fast volume rates, flexible imaging formats, and outstanding resolution.

The Voluson E10 is the most advanced and thus the most expensive system out of these three. You can get a refurbished Voluson E10 with 3 new probes for 60 – 70 thousand Euros (BT15/BT16).



To sum up, all three – Voluson E10, E8, and E6 – are high-end ultrasounds that perform excellent women’s health exams.

The E6 is a scaled-down version of the E8 due to fewer channels on the beamformer. And based on this key difference there are some options and probes that are not available on the E6.

Despite the differences in the hardware options and the probe selections, they fall into the same price range, 15 – 30 thousand Euros (BT08 – BT13). If you have a clinic or small to medium size hospital, both of these systems will be great for you.

Nevertheless, if you have a bigger hospital with a heavy workload, then the Voluson E10 is the right choice. But be ready to pay a higher price for this advanced ultrasound machine.

Would you like to learn more about ultrasound pricing? Then you can read our blog post.

At LBN Medical, we offer a full range of the Voluson series. Not only do we have a technical expertise in-house, but we also have access to probes for these systems. Get in touch with any questions.


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