Fuji Amulet Innovality 3D

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Fuji Amulet Innovality 3D

Fuji Amulet Innovality 3D – General Information

Fuji Amulet Harmony includes a variety of mammography solutions designed to offer a harmonious examination environment and creates an atmosphere of trust between healthcare professionals and their patients. 

The Fuji Amulet Innovality 3D mammography system is highly advanced, it offers an exceptionally fast image interval of just 15 seconds. With the Fuji Amulet Innovality, you can provide faster, high quality examinations that will be beneficial for you and your patients too. 

The Fit Sweet Paddle is a special type of compression paddle that fits all shapes and sizes of breasts. It allows the pressure to evenly fall while ensuring safety and image clarity. Mammography examinations can be stressful, however the added mood lighting helps your patient to relax.

Furthermore, five decorative labels are available to match your examination environment. The labels are designed to relieve your patient’s stress and anxiety.

Fuji’s dedication in innovation and their commitment to provide quality mammography services resulted in the Fuji Amulet Innovality 3D as well. This system applies a particular a-Se flat panel to produce excellent images with a low X-ray dose. Due to the intelligent AEC (i-AEC) which is combined with a new image analysis technology, this system is able to automatically optimise the X-ray dose for each and every breast type. 

The tomosynthesis (3D mammography) function is applicable in a wide range of uses and it offers two modes for different clinical scenarios.

Firstly, the Standard (ST) mode combines prompt exposure timing with low dose. It allows Tomosythmesys scans to be performed with low X-ray dose in shortened examination time. 

Secondly, the (High Resolution) mode provides excellent details in images.

The Fuji Amulet Innovality 3D provides you and your colleagues optimal examination workflow. Your examination screen can be divided and switched between 1, 2 or 4 image displays. The contrast and density of the images can be easily adjusted during examinations. The individual images or documents can be easily and immediately transferred or electronically stored.

Furthermore, a second, a high resolution monitor can be added to the workstation. Previously taken images can be recalled from PACS (picture archiving and communication system).

In all, The Fuji Amulet Innovality 3D is a highly advanced mammography system with excellent image quality and both 2D and 3D and it offers low X-ray dose. It is a great value for money and our skilled experts are ready to guide you in your next purchase. 

If you are interested in other Fuji mammography machines, take a look at the Fuji Amulet S or the Fuji Amulet F

If you have any further questions, please reach out or learn more about mammography systems in our Guide to Mammography.

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