Fuji Amulet One BIOPSY

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Specifications for the Fuji Amulet One BIOPSY

  • YOM: 2011
  • Software Version: Mainsoft V4.1.0017, RU V3.13, Biopsy V2.2, PC-tool V5.4
  • Tube Model: P40 MoW model 3122509
  • Tube YOM: 2010
  • Detector Type + size: FPD 24x30
  • Detector YOM: 2009
  • HW Accessories: With biopsy option/kit, 2 biopsy paddles, mag. table, 6 compression paddles
  • Options Installed: Dynamic Range Control Processing, Aquality Assurance, Image Magnifying, PACS Connection, Annotation Input, Dicom Standard DX Storage, Dicom Standard CR Storage, Dicom Standard CR Storage (Processed), Dicom Fuji Private CR Storage, Shutter Processing, Dicom Standard DX Storage (Parameter Output), Dicom Basic Grayscale Print, Dicom Modality Worklist, Stereo Biopsy Software, Stereo Digital Mammography Viewer, QA Measurement
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Fuji Amulet One BIOPSY – General Information

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