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Fuji FCR XG-1

The Fuji FCR XG-1 is a computed radiography machine that delivers rapid and precise digital imaging for efficient medical diagnoses.

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Fuji FCR Capsula XL II

The Fuji FCR Capsula XL II is an advanced digital radiography system that offers high-quality image acquisition and exceptional workflow efficiency.

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Fuji FCR XG1 CR reader

Fuji FCR XG1

A high-performance CR that reads and processes digital X-ray image recorded on an imaging plate using a cassette-type X-ray stand.

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Fuji XG5000 CR x-ray

Fuji XG5000

A general purpose FCR reader which works with high efficiency and offers outstanding quality images.

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Fuji Profect CS CR reader

Fuji Profect CS

A high-throughput FCR reader that offers great image quality to satisfy even demanding applications.

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Fuji Prima CR system

Fuji Prima CR

A compact and easy to use reader with a good durability that can fit into very small spaces up 0.24 squaremeters.

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Fuji Capsula XL II CR reader

Fuji Capsula XL II

A compact CR system with a great processing power and great image quality.