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Specifications for the Fuji Profect CS

  • YOM: 2007
  • Software Version: 3.9
  • HW Accessories: No WS
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Fuji Profect CS CR reader

Fuji Profect CS – General Information

The Fuji FCR Profect CS is a high-throughput FCR reader that offers great image quality to satisfy even demanding applications. It has the power required to handle standard examinations and the processing capacity to cover two mammography rooms. Its four-casette stacker allows it to process up to 103 standard imaging plates per hour. In combination with its innovative software options and the easy operability of the CR Console, it hereby, increases workflow efficiency and the diagnostic breadth.

Several features increase the image quality and ensure sharp definition both for digital mammograms and plain X-ray images. Great images are the result of up to 20 pixels per mm scanning pitch. Furthermore, the Fuji Profect CS comes with “Image IntelligenceTM”. This is a set of highly sophisticated digital image-processing software technologies that processes image data and optimizes final output. These are available on the CR Console.

Additionally, you have access to optional softwares, includes Multi-Frequency Processing (MFP) which is an improved version that uses frequency enhancement. Therefore, it provides more data from each exposure image by using Dynamic Range Control. Hereby it improves the visibility of both dense and peripheral tissues.

Another software is the Pattern Enhancement Processing for Mammography (PEM). It is specifically developed for mammography and makes it easier for clinicians to detect micro-calcifications.

All in all, it is a great system for a wide range of purposes as it has a high image quality and the capacity to efficiently handle more than a hundred images.

The Fuji Profect CS Plus is a development of this system that offers an even faster processing speed. Furthermore, it has dual-side reading technology that ensure high quality images even at lower doses.

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