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Fuji XG5000 CR x-ray

Fuji XG5000 – General Information

The Fuji XG5000 is a general purpose FCR reader which works with high efficiency and offers outstanding quality images. Fujifilm has incorporated Fuji’s renowned image processing technology to capture wide-latitude images of high resolution and consistent quality. The Fuji XG5000 has a compact size, it is user-friendly, very easy, and convenient to operate with. Therefore, it is a reader of choice for general-purpose diagnostic needs.

Furthermore, it is extremely powerful in specified applications. The Fuji XG5000 can provide chest, spine, head, and other plain x-ray imaging, as well as spinal canal, urinary organs, and other contrast medium x-ray imaging and x-ray tomography.

This Fuji XG5000 boasts advanced system imaging – Image IntelligenceTM, which is a set of sophisticated digital image-processing software technologies. They are available through the CR Console that processes image data and optimizes final output. Technologies such as Flixible Noise Control (FNC), Multi-frequency Processing (MFP), and Grid Pattern Removal. The FNC delivers a non-grainy image by isolating and supressing the noise for the signal.

MFP is an optional software which you can apply for all types of FCR imaging. It is an improved version that uses frequency enhancements to provide more diagnostic data from a single exposure image. The MFP improves the visibility of both dense and peripheral tissue. This is achieved by applying edge enhancement processing to both small and large structures in the images.

Moreover, the Fuji XG500 provides a quick image delivery. When system connects to the CR Console, 14’’ x 17’’ images in 10-pixel resolution can be viewed in 39 seconds from the time of exposure. That enables you a quick turn-around. At the same time, the CR Console ensures consistently optimized ‘’first-up’’ images which reduces time for image adjustment.

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