Fuji FCR XG1

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Specifications for the Fuji FCR XG1

  • YOM: 2004
  • Software Version: CR-IR348CL APL SOFTWARE-B V8.3
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Fuji FCR XG1 CR reader

Fuji FCR XG1 – General Information

The FCR XG1 is a high-performance CR which is easy to use. It greatly simplifies digital X-ray imaging. This device reads and processes digital X-ray image information that has been recorded on an imaging plate using a cassette-type X-ray stand. By simply adding the Fuji XG 1 CR system to your existing equipment, your radiography room will give you all the benefits of a highly advanced digital system.

Moreover, Fuji FCR XG1 is very compact. Its portability and connectivity ensure unprecedented versatility. For instance, you can move the imager outside the radiology department. Next, you can create a remote imaging network and use an image recorder to quickly and easily print out hard copies on film.

The advanced digital-image processing produces easy-to-read radiographs with a high-diagnostic value. In addition, the Fuji XG 1 CR system works with most existing equipment. It ensures that you take advantage of the digital system without having to replace your radiography room equipment.

The XG1 CR system’s wide dynamic range captures rich diagnostic information while the automatic sensitivity-adjustment function minimizes variations in X-ray exposure. That secures a consistent image quality for all examinations.

When configuring with multiple units, the CR Console shares the patient’s database across the network and provides easy access to patient datasets from anywhere. Therefore, you can access that data-input at a remote clinic. And at the same time, you can easily maintain the central facility data with up-to-date, flawless accuracy. The single-cassette reader has an automatic feed/load. This compact system streamlines the workflow and improves cost performance with processing potential of 62 IP/hr (14″ x 14″).

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