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Fuji Prima CR – General Information

The Fuji Prima CR is a compact and easy to use reader with a good durability. The small footprint allows it to fit into even small spaces, as it only takes up 0.24 squaremeters. Hereby it is smaller than other similar systems. However, it offers stable, optimized and high quality images. This is due to the Image Intelligence technology from Fujifilm. It is an integration of various digital image processing technologies, that enhance contrast and sharpness of the images. This is performed without a risk of losing any details of the image. Additionally, it comes with the Flexible Noise Control technology, that offers healthcare professionals more control of the imaging results.

Furthermore, the FCR Prima is able to read various cassette sizes. Including those for chest, lumbar spine, and extremities. Hereby, it is a versatile system that covers a wide range of needs.

The Fuji Prima CR has proven to be a very durable and reliable system. This is due to well-designed product features, including the built-in redundancy that prevents problems. Therefore, it is a system that will offer maximum uptime for a medical facility. The durability also makes it a good choice as a used system, and it offers great value for money.

The reading specification is 10pixels/mm and the throughput is 29 images an hour. Furthermore, the Fuji Prima CR is compatible FCR Prima Console and FCRView all-in-one viewers. All in all, it is a solid system that will cover a range of image types, while hardly taking any space.

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