How Much Does a Mammogram Machine Cost – Easy Overview

In this article we will use our almost 20 years of experience to answer one of the most common questions we get regarding mammography machines: How much does a mammogram machine cost?

Naturally, prices between new and used mammography systems differ and buying a used system will of course, save you some money.

Furthermore, on used the market, you will find analog and digital mammography machines, and the digital systems can be with or without tomosynthesis, which is also called 3D.

For a quick overview of the prices of used mammography machines based on those three categories, see the price matrix below.

Prices are in euros and for the system only – excluding crating, shipping, installation, etc.

mammogram machine cost - LBN Medical

Price of Analog Mammography Machines

As you can see from the table, analog mammography machines are the cheapest, and they have low service costs. The price of a system in a good condition is typically 8.000 to 15.000 euros. However, with an analog unit, you also need a CR system to be able to produce images, therefore, it takes a bit longer to receive the images digitally.

These machines were the standard for many years but in 2000, the FDA approved the first full-field digital mammography machine. These systems dramatically improved image quality and patient flow. Therefore, use of analog mammography machines have decreased in recent years.

Price of Digital Mammography Machines

The price of digital mammography machines varies. Hereby, a used mammogram machine costs 20.000 to 50.000 euros.

Prices heavily depend on the age of the digital detector, as it is a very expensive part of the machine. Hereby, the younger the digital detector of the system is, the more the mammogram machine cost.

Price of Digital Mammography Machines with Tomosynthesis

And what about the digital mammography devices with tomosynthesis?

Tomosynthesis mammography systems are also known as “tomo” or 3D mammograms. These machines were introduced in 2011 and further contributed to the progress and quality of the images.

Due to the tomosynthesis option, practitioners can detect breast cancer earlier than ever before.

And how much does such a mammogram machine cost?

Digital mammography machines with this 3D option cost more than 50.000 euros. And they are becoming increasingly popular, also on the pre-owned market.

Sum Up

Often, it is your budget that determines which mammography machine you can buy. However, you should take into account your needs and your situation before buying the system.

Basically, if you need early cancer screening and detection, you need a digital system, which, as used, start around 20.000 euros.

If you want to include the 3D as well, that will start around 50.000 euros.

We hope this article asnwered the question “how much does a mammogram machine cost” to the full. If you have further questions you are most welcome to reach out.

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