Hologic Selenia Dimensions TOMO + BIOPSY

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Specifications for the Hologic Selenia Dimensions TOMO + BIOPSY

  • YOM: 2014
  • Tube YOM: 2022
  • Detector YOM: 2021
  • Options Installed: Biopsy, C-view 1, Diagnostic, Master, System, Tomo, Tomo biopsy.
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Hologic Selenia Dimensions TOMO + BIOPSY

Hologic Selenia Dimensions TOMO + BIOPSY – General Information

The Hologic Selenia Dimensions mammography system is more than just another mammography machine. It is a game changer in advanced breast imaging and diagnostics.

Using cutting-edge digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) technology, also known as 3D mammography, it captures multiple X-ray images of the breast from various angles. And it reconstructs them into a 3D representation of breast tissue. This way providing unrivaled clarity compared to traditional 2D mammography.

What truly distinguishes it is the seamlessly integrated Tomosynthesis-Guided Biopsy capability. This innovative feature enables healthcare providers to perform tomosynthesis-guided biopsies with pinpoint precision and enhanced patient comfort. Making it a breakthrough in breast healthcare.

Improved Accuracy
Tomosynthesis-guided biopsy is a remarkable advancement that significantly improves the precision of breast tissue sampling. And thus reducing the likelihood of false negatives and giving patients the utmost confidence in their diagnoses. This level of precision is achieved by combining cutting-edge imaging technology with biopsy techniques.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Value
The Hologic Selenia Dimensions plays a pivotal role in breast health by aiding healthcare providers in distinguishing between benign and malignant breast abnormalities. This system empowers healthcare professionals to target and extract tissue samples with an unprecedented level of accuracy. The precision ensures that patients receive the most reliable diagnoses possible for determining the most appropriate course of action. Whether it involves further diagnostic evaluations, monitoring, or surgical intervention.

Enhanced Visualization
The 3D images provide unparalleled visualization of the lesion’s location, size, and shape, enabling precise targeting. Furthermore, they enable healthcare professionals to precisely target suspicious lesions, making diagnosis and treatment more accurate than ever before. The tomosynthesis feature provides enhanced visualization, allowing clinicians to confidently navigate the complexities of breast health.

Streamlined Follow-Up
The Hologic Selenia Dimensions 3D Biopsy goes beyond biopsy procedures by facilitating a seamless continuum of care based on biopsy results. Depending on the results, this advanced system allows for a smooth transition to other imaging modalities, such as breast MRI or ultrasound.

This proactive approach ensures that patients receive timely and appropriate care, demonstrating the system’s dedication to patient-centered breast health management.

The Hologic Selenia Dimensions TOMO + BIOPSY makes the path forward clearer, more efficient, and patient-friendly.

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