Siemens CT Scanner Models Comparison

This article has been updated 07-03-2024

Siemens is one of the leading manufacturers of CT scanners in the market. Siemens CT scanner models are widely used across many countries.  

In this blog post, you find a Siemens CT scanner comparison of the Emotion, Definition, and Sensation series. Each series has various models, and in this blog post, we will explain their differences. With a focus on Siemens CT models available in the used medical equipment market. 

This gives you an understanding of the aspects that make the series and models similar and what sets them apart. Everything from the application, slice count, cooling options, price, and more.

Now, let’s get started with our Siemens CT scanner models comparison!

Siemens CT Scanner Models Comparison

Siemens has three CT scanner series that are often found on the pre-owned market:

  • Siemens Somatom Emotion
  • Siemens Somatom Definition
  • Siemens Somatom Sensation

Below, we walk you through some of the main specifications of the series and the most known and used CT scanner models from each series. Here, you will get an introduction to slice count, exposure, image quality, and more. 

We kick off this Siemens CT scanner comparison by taking a closer look at the Siemens Emotion series!

Siemens Somatom Emotion Series

Siemens started manufacturing the Emotion series in 2000. These Siemens CT scanner models have a lower slice count than the Definition and Sensation series.

The Emotion series includes CTs with 1, 2, 6, or 16 slices. The 1,2, and 6-slice machines are rarely seen on the market today as their capabilities no longer fulfill the needs of medical practitioners.

On the other hand, the Siemens Emotion 16 is one of the most famous Siemens CT scanners with 16-slices and it is the most widely used system from the Emotion series. 

So, let’s explain to you the benefits of the Emotion 16 CT scanner.

Siemens Somatom Emotion 16

The Siemens Emotion 16 is a 16-slice CT scanner that you can use in general imaging, for basic trauma, and for vascular applications.

The Emotion series uses the leading Ultra Fast Ceramic detector and has the smallest focal spot size in its class. Its fine detector collimation is 6×0.5mm and 16×0.6mm. This means that the Somatom Emotion 16 produces excellent images with high clarity that ensures accurate diagnosis.

This Siemens CT scanner model has a patient weight limit of 200kg, making it available to most patients.

Further, Emotion 16 uses the SureView algorithm which creates a spiral image reconstruction. This makes normally long and challenging scans easier. At the same time, it makes it possible to scan at high speed without compromising the image quality.

Siemens Somatom Sensation Series

The Siemens Somatom Sensation Series is successful worldwide. 

The Somatom Sensation series includes CT machines with 4, 10, 16, 40, or 64 slices. However, just like with the Emotion, the lowest slice counts are not very common in today’s market. 

Rather, you mostly see the 16, 40, and 64-slice CT scanners. This places the Sensation series in the mid-range of CT scanners on the market.

The highest slice count of this series is found in the Sensation 64. This machine has various benefits, which we walk you through in the next few paragraphs. 

Siemens Somatom Sensation 64

As we just determined above, the Siemens Sensation 64 is the machine with the highest slice count in this series. It is a system that is often used for cardio-vascular imaging as it produces high-quality images. Much higher than the Emotion 16 machine.

As the Emotion, the Sensation 64 has a patient weight limit of up to 200kg. This again makes it possible to handle many different patients. Sensation 64 uses CARE Dose4D which means that it provides high patient safety. 

However, the Siemens Sensation 64 also offers a wide range of other benefits. 

The Sensation 64 Siemens CT allows you to obtain cardiac images from just one heartbeat. This is because the system has a high temporal resolution. Because of its Sequential Cardiac Acquisition Mode, it only targets the desired phase of the heart movement. 

This reduces the dose even further. As a result, the machine is good for patients with low or regular heart rates.

Instead of air cooling, the Sensation series uses water cooling. This makes the running cost higher. On the other hand, it produces zero noise, does not need an additional HVAC system, and has a lower purchase price. 

Siemens Somatom Definition Series

Just like the Emotion and Sensation series, the Siemens Definition series is widely used across countries worldwide. It has some of the most popular Siemens CT scanner models.

The Definition series includes machines that have a slice count of 20, 40, 64, or 128. These machines, therefore, belong among the high-end machines, whereas the Emotion CT scanner models are among the lower-end CTs, and the Sensation series is in the middle range.

The Definition AS 64 & 128 are the most popular in this series. This is because they are among some of the highest quality machines on the market that also offer high adaptability to different medical practitioners.

Below, we will walk you through the specifications that make these two models so versatile and widely used.

Siemens Somatom Definition AS 64 & 128

The Siemens Somatom Definition AS 128 and Siemens Somatom Definition AS 64 slice machines are very similar. The main difference between the two is the slice count. They are great for general imaging, trauma, vascular and cardiac exams. 

Both machines offer excellent image quality with a 150ms temporal resolution that can be relied on completely during the diagnostics processes at your clinic. 

With this system, you can take a 4D full body image in 10 seconds due to its high speed and Adaptive 4D Spiral technology. This makes the machine good for imaging tumors, strokes, etc. 

It is a highly adaptive system that lets you handle all types of patients. It has a patient weight limit similar to the Emotion and Sensation series. This creates great patient comfort. 

To take patient care to the next level, the Definition AS machines also use CARE Dose4D to ensure low doses. The Somatom Definition AS further uses an Adaptive Dose Shield at pre- and post-spiral scans to prevent unnecessary exposure. Therefore, patient safety is high with these Siemens CT scanner models.

Both machines are adaptive to any clinical requirements you may have. You can transform the standard CT scanner into a virtual CT simulator or a trauma unit. Just by changing the tabletop

While the Emotion Series is air-cooled and the Sensation series water-cooled, the Definition series’ machines can be cooled both by air or water. But, it is most common for them to be water-cooled.

So, when you are purchasing a Siemens Definition CT scanner, be sure to ask your supplier whether the machine is air- or water-cooled. You do not want to experience any unwanted surprises. 

Siemens CT Scanner Models Comparison Table

Are you still on board?

Great, let’s continue. 

In the CT scanner comparison chart below, you see the main differences between four Siemens CT scanner models. These are Emotion 16, Sensation 64, and Definition 64 & 128.

And how much does a Siemens CT scanner cost on the used market? 

As you can see in the table below, they can range anywhere from 60-150.000 thousand Euros. To get a more specific price range for each system, just scroll down.

This is where you find the more narrowed down answer.

Siemens CT Scanner Models Comparison

The pricing shown in the above table is dependent on the year of manufacture (YOM), whether the system has a new or used tube, and what the tube count is for each system. 

The YOM that we included is for the systems that we usually see on the used market. For example, it is more common to see Definition AS machines from 2009-2015, rather than newer systems, on the used market.

For more information on CT scanner pricing, you can dive into our article How Much Does a CT Scanner Cost?

It gives you an easy overview.

Siemens CT Scanner Tubes – Prices & Life Time

To give some perspective on Siemens X-ray tubes, we have made the table below.

This shows what price ranges you can expect for each tube type, new or used. It also shows you the life expectancy for these kinds of tubes.

Siemens CT Scanner Models Tube Comparison

You should keep in mind that the tube price is also dependent on YOM, just like the machine itself. Here, it is important to make clear that the tube lifetime is an estimate based on maintenance, service, etc. 

Based on the above pricing information, it is obvious that there is an advantage in buying a used system rather than buying a new tube for an old system. It is much more cost-effective.

Nevertheless, buying a used tube is also a budget-friendly way to give new life to your machines. 

As the table shows, a new tube can easily go for 80-190.000 Euros, whereas buying a used tube can cost between 35-125.000 Euros. The new tube is therefore almost as costly as a whole used machine that can cost between 60-150.000 Euros. So, buying used can save you a lot.

Overall, tubes are the most expensive part of CT scanners.

At LBN Medical we sell a wide range of spare parts for Siemens – including used tubes. This is especially the case since we started harvesting machines here in our warehouse.

Feel free to reach out to us at with any parts requests. 

If you are curious about more CT information, you can read our Guide to CT Scanners. Or if you are looking for more specific knowledge about tubes, you can read our article on 4 Measures of X-ray Tube Count on CT Scanners or our CT X-ray Tube Guide.

Siemens CT Scanner Comparison – Sum up

Thank you for staying with us all the way to the end!

Now it is time for a quick summary of this Siemens CT Scanner Models Comparison.

So, what is the difference between the Emotion, Sensation, and Definition series?

There are many similarities between the systems. But each model within the series has its own specific benefits. Keep reading to get the most important points from the comparison of the series.

What are the most popular Siemens CT scanners?

The most popular Siemens CT scanner models from the Somatom Emotion, Sensation, and Definition series are Emotion 16, Sensation 64, Definition 64, and Definition 128. The Emotion is a lower-end CT scanner, whereas the Sensation is a mid-range CT scanner, and the Definition CTs are both high-end scanners.

So, what is the best Siemens CT scanner?

This depends entirely on your clinical needs and your budget. 

However, the higher end your machine is, the more complicated scans you can use it for. For example, Definition 128 is great for both general imaging and cardiovascular imaging due to its high slice count. 

All the Siemens Somatom series use CARE Dose4D, but the Definition series also uses Adaptive Dose Shield. This means that all three series provide high patient safety and comfort.

What type of cooling do Siemens CT scanners use?

The Siemens Emotion models are all air-cooled, while the Sensation and Definition series are both water-cooled. The air-cooled systems have a lower running cost, but their purchase price is higher than the water-cooled systems. On the contrary, water-cooled systems have a higher running cost.

How much does a Siemens CT scanner cost on the used market?

The price of a used Siemens CT scanner depends on YOM, whether the tube is new or used, and what the tube count is. A used Siemens CT scanner can cost between 60-150.000 Euros.

How much does a Siemens tube cost?

The tube price depends on YOM, tube type, and whether you want a new or used tube. The tubes also have different life spans. A new tube can cost between 80-190.000 Euros, whereas a used tube can cost between 35-125.000 Euros. A used system can cost you between 60-150.000 Euros. So, buying a new tube is more expensive than buying a used system.

We hope that this article answered your questions and gives you a good overview of the different Siemens CT series. 

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