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Philips Brightview XCT – General Information 

Discover nuclear medicine with Philips Brightview XCT, a cutting-edge SPECT/CT system specifically designed to elevate both patient care and diagnostic precision. Combining user-centric design and technological innovation, Philips Brightview XCT is a game-changer in its field.


Core Features


  • CoPlanar FP Technology: At the heart of Philips Brightview XCT lies the revolutionary CoPlanar FP (flat panel). This unique integration of BrightView SPECT with advanced flat panel X-ray CT technology ensures unmatched confidence in SPECT/CT registration, often without the need for table movement between studies.
  • Compact Design for Easy Installation: Philips Brightview XCT stands out with its compact footprint. It requires minimal space, fitting into rooms as small as 15’ 6” x 11’ 7” (4.72 x 3.53 M), and it’s designed to minimize renovation costs and flooring reinforcements.

Patient-Centric Advantages


  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Philips Brightview XCT prioritizes patient comfort. Its patient zone is thoughtfully designed, featuring flexible breathing protocols and an ultra-large gantry for a more open and less intimidating experience.
  • BodyGuard Automatic Contouring: Philips Brightview XCT’s BodyGuard technology seamlessly adjusts detectors to the patient’s body, offering superb image quality even in infants or small targeted areas.


Specialized Imaging Capabilities


  • Efficient Cardiac Imaging: Philips Brightview XCT excels in cardiac imaging, capturing the entire heart volume in a single rotation. It allows patients to breathe normally during both SPECT and CT acquisitions, eliminating the discomfort of breath holds.


Philips Brightview XCT is not just a SPECT/CT system; it’s a leap forward in nuclear medicine. By combining patient-centric features with groundbreaking technology, Philips Brightview XCT sets a new standard for diagnostic imaging.


It’s a system designed with both the patient and practitioner in mind, ensuring ease of use, comfort, and unparalleled accuracy. Philips Brightview XCT is your partner in advancing healthcare and enhancing patient outcomes.

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