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GE Logiq P9 – General Information

The Logiq P9 ultrasound system is well suited for general imaging from triage to comprehensive exams. It is a budget-friendly system that delivers excellent quality, advanced features, comprehensive application coverage and ease of use that enable timely, confident decisions.

This ultrasound system is easily adjustable to your patients and can be used in OB/GYN, Carotid, Musculoskeletal, Cardiac, Thyroid and Rheumatoid examinations.

Its intuitive user-friendly interface offers you customisable joystick, keys and touch control. It operates intuitively allowing you to complete your exams with fewer adjustments, therefore you can spend more time on the patient rather than worrying about technical difficulties. 

Its personalised set-up tools, such as the Start Assistant and My Preset offers you customised workflow preferences and case presets. These settings can be launched in just seconds. 

Its automated scanning tools, such as the Auto IMT, AutoEF, Continuous Tissue Optimization (CTO), Measure Assistant, Compare-, and Scan Assistant help you to increase your efficiency and allow you to reduce your examination time

The GE Logiq P9 has excellent mobility. It is lightweight, therefore it is easy to transport from room to room. Its extended battery and Power Assistant applications offer you up to one hour of offline scanning. 

Applications, such as the Remote Control App, and the Photo Assistant App can be operated from an Android phone or tablet. It can receive and send images of your examinations for documentation and comparison.

The excellent SonoDefenese Security offers protection from cyber threats and it allows you to safely store your patent data without having to worry about unauthorized access. 

It offers excellent image quality and probe technology. It is available with a wide range of transducers designed to meet your needs. This includes probes such as the C2-7-D, 10C-D and C1-6-D.

The budget-friendly Logiq P9 ultrasound system offers a wide range of application options, user-friendliness and enables quick and reliable diagnoses.

For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our stock for more GE ultrasound machines.

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