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GE Logiq E10s – General Description

The Logiq E10 series supports your expertise with a selection of next-generation, leadership ultrasound machines.

This series allows you to choose from a wide range of advanced imaging tools and productivity enhancers based on artificial intelligence. These systems are scalable, which lets you design the system to your own needs depending on your practice.

The Logiq E10 and E10s are technologically-advanced, precise, and fast ultrasound machines that are part of the GE Logiq family.

The Logiq E10s is a next-generation, leadership ultrasound system. It provides advanced imaging tools and due to its artificial intelligence enhances your workflow productivity.

The next-generation cSound Architecture delivers exceptional imaging. Due to its processing power, you will not need to adjust the focus. The information will instantly appear on your screen, which will increase your productivity.

Its powerful E-series and XDclear probes produce high-resolution images, regardless of your patient size. Its innovative Radiant Flow is optimised for small vessel imaging. It provides a near-3D look of the blood flow in tiny vessels, especially when you combine it with the MicroVascular Imaging application.

You can choose from different tools to help improve the speed and precision of the diagnosis, guidance, and treatment in abdominal, cardiac, OB/GYN, vascular, breast, pediatrics, and musculoskeletal applications.  

These include the 2DShear Wave & Strain Elastography to support confident measurement. The Ultrasound-Guided Attenuation Parameter (UGAP) to quantify liver steatosis to aid in early identification, and the Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) to visualize tissue structure and lesion vascularity. 

The Logiq E10s helps you to achieve new levels of your workflow efficiency. It is the smart choice now and for the future with multi-purpose versatility and scalability to address your specific patient population.

You can learn more about GE ultrasound machines as well as the different types of ultrasound machines we offer.

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