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GE Logiq 7 Ultrasound machine

GE Logiq 7 – General Information

The GE Logiq 7 is a premium shared service ultrasound system designed to make the jobs of clinicians easier. It is a versatile and reliable system, and meets the demands of practically any clinical setting. As a shared service system, it is capable of offering the full range of applications, including abdominal, OG/GYN, small parts, pediatric, vascular, and cardiac. Furthermore, it gives clinicians the chance to utilize technologies such as stress echo, Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI), and Tissue Velocity Doppler (TVD).

The image quality offered by the GE Logiq 7 is excellent, and it has several features that makes examinations easier. The Volume Ultrasound advancements has 2D optimization technologies that enables clinicians to acquire and construct volumetric images instantaneously with 4D probes. Furthermore, they can reconstruct volumes from raw data and manipulate data to see images from different planes.

The TruScanTM store raw image early, and this allows for optimal flexibility during the processing and analysis. Hereby clinicians can optimize images, modify B-Mode gain and dynamic range, achieve automatic optimization, and more, after the patient has left the room. GE calls this “Virtual Rescan”.

Speckle Reduction Imaging increase contrast resolution, and hereby the improve visibility and overall s image quality. This feature also reduces artefacts and preserve structure borders. The GE Logiq 7 also comes with improved penetration and resolution. Furthermore, the compromise and pay-off between the two is diminished with the matrix array transducers. This improves overall image consistency in both far and near fields.

The GE Logiq 7 is also a highly ergonomic ultrasound system that has several adjustable parts. These include the flat panel monitor and the height adjustable keyboard. Hereby all clinicians can find comfortable working position with ease.

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