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GE Vivid S6 ultrasound system

GE Vivid S6 – General Information

The Vivid S6 is an exceptional cardiovascular and shared-service system that provides a solution that satisfies today’s increasing healthcare demands.

This ultrasound delivers excellent images thanks to the technologies migrated from the Vivid 7. These technologies will increase your diagnostic confidence.

GE designed this system to be versatile and mobile. Its ergonomic design, which helps reduce fatigue and discomfort, and its easy-to-use features will allow you to take your workflow and productivity to the next level.

Its low weight, size as well as its fold-down mechanism of the display will enable you to move the system with ease. The great mobility and innovative design of the GE Vivid S6 are great for both patients and practitioners.

The ultrasound’s strong performance and miniaturization make it a highly desirable system for a wide range of clinical settings.

Furthermore, the GE Vivid S6 has a some great features. For instance, SmartStress technology, which offers automatic setting adjustments to enhance workflow, shorten optimization time and increase reproducibility, range of connectivity options, acquisition of raw ultrasound data, easy storage, and much more.

The Vivid S6 also comes with additional features. It offers ultra-high frame rates, dual focus, Speckle Reduction Imaging and Coded Phased Inversion Harmonics. All these features simplify image acquisition and enhance image quality.

All in all, it is a great cardiovascular ultrasound. Consider getting a pre-owned or refurbished GE Vivid S6. As the quality is still exceptional, but the price is lower than for new systems. Therefore, a pre-owned Vivid S6 is a great value for money.

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