GE Senographe Essential BIOPSY

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GE Senographe Essential BIOPSY

GE Senographe Essential BIOPSY – General Information

The Senographe Essential has evolved into an all-in-one breast health solution, now equipped with cutting-edge Biopsy technology. This innovative addition broadens its capabilities beyond screening examinations and diagnostic views, making it a versatile tool for comprehensive breast care.

The Senographe Essential with Biopsy capability takes your diagnostic capabilities to the next level by smoothly incorporating advanced biopsy technology. This invaluable addition allows healthcare professionals to perform precise and minimally invasive breast biopsies with renewed confidence. The system offers real-time guidance and imaging, allowing for precise targeting of suspicious areas within the breast tissue.


Streamlined Workflow
Radiologists and clinicians can seamlessly transition from imaging to biopsy, reducing patient discomfort and procedure times. This comprehensive approach improves overall efficiency in breast health clinics.

Enhanced Imaging
The Biopsy technology allows the system, which is known for its image quality, to produce even sharper and more detailed images. This ensures that healthcare providers have the most up-to-date information for diagnosis and treatment planning. Biopsy images are captured and displayed alongside other breast imaging modalities. That allows for a thorough examination.

Patient Comfort
GE Senographe Essential puts patient comfort and convenience above all else. It has been carefully designed to reduce patient anxiety during biopsy procedures. It creates a comfortable and supportive environment that not only relaxes patients but also allows for accurate and efficient biopsy sample collection.

Seamless Data Management
The Acquisition Workstation (AWS) has been improved so that biopsy data can be seamlessly integrated into the patient’s digital record. This detailed patient history can be used for future reference, follow-up appointments, and treatment planning. This ensures that important information is readily available and contributes to the patient’s ongoing care.

Options for Every Need
Optional features for the Senographe system continue to include a review workstation, a mass archiving system, a laser camera, networking capabilities, and CD-ROM interchange media. These options can be tailored to the health facility’s specific requirements.

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