GE Discovery CT750 HD

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Specifications for the GE Discovery CT750 HD

  • YOM: 2010
  • Software Version: application 17BW50.7B_sp1-5-2.v40_ps_HD64
  • Slices: 128
  • Tube Model: Perseus
  • Tube YOM: 2020
  • Tube Count: 315585.1 scan seconds & 100591388 mAs
  • Phantoms Type Incl.: VCT qa phantom 5128754-3 Rev 7 & PMMA phantom 512856101
  • HW Accessories: Sw , manuals dollies , ecg monitor
  • Options: Connect Pro, Patient-64-slice, VolumeViewer, SmartScore Pro, VCT-Hi-Power, Sub-0.4-Second-Scan, CardIQ SnapShot, EKG Viewer, CardIQSNapShot-Cine, 3000 Image Series, ASIR, AutoFilter-and_Transfer, AutomA, CopyComposer, Data Export, Direct-MPR, Exam Split, High Resolution, NeuroFilter, Smart Prep, Xtream Recon, Overlapped Recon - Axial, HelicalShuttle, AutoBone_Xpress, NoiseReductionFilter, SnapShot Assist, Image Check, High Pitch Helical - 1.53, mA Profile, AWE connection, Dynamic Z-axis Tracking, kV_Assist, Organ Dose Modulation, Dynamic Transition, HD_Smart mar, ASiR-V, SnapShotAssist Temporal Enhance, Gemstone Spectral Imaging, Enhanced GSI, GSI SnapShot Pulse
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GE Discovery CT750 HD CT scanner

GE Discovery CT750 HD – General Information

The Discovery CT750 HD is a high-end definition GE CT scanner. The product was first introduced in 2008 by GE. With the GE Discovery it is possible to image any part of the body. This CTs scan mode is multislice as it enables up to 128 slices in one rotation, resulting in up to 64 overlapped images. Moreover, it has a rotation speed of just 0.35s.

Thanks to using GE’s ASiR dose-reduction technology, the GE Discovery CT750 HD is capable of a drastic cut of radiation doses of up to 50%. As a result, it helps to ensure confident and fast diagnoses for all patients. Of course with no loss in the image quality from the examination.

Another important point is that the Discovery CT750 HD offers of one of the highest available cardiac spatial resolutions in the whole industry. Therefore, it utilizes the spectral imaging to obtain and produce 4D imaging and material density data. Furthermore, the spectral imaging is a two-folded energy technique, which applies ultra-fast kV switching. In other words, the X-ray generator kV range is from 80 kV to 140 kV.

Most noteworthy is that there is no need to stop this high-quality CT scanner in order to cool it down in between examinations. Hence, with the Discovery CT750 HD, it is possible to test more patients per day.

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