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Canon Infinix CC-i – General Information

Canon Infinix CC-i feels like an extension of your hands and eyes. It provides you with excellent image quality, access, coverage and workflow efficiency that enhances your everyday work life. Canon worked  hand-in-hand with the top clinicians to design the unique features of this system. The result of the collaboration is productivity, performance that earned many technology awards and leading customer satisfaction. 

Canon designed this system’s C-arm to be moved in all angles. Therefore, the exclusive 5-axis arm allows you to position  the detector right where it’s needed. 

The Advanced Image Processing technology provides excellent image quality and 3D visualisation. The flexible C-arm position, the powerful workstation and the high resolution flat panel detector brings you detailed anatomical 3D reconstructions.

Canon Infinix CC-i allows you to scan from head to toe without having to move the patient or touch the sterile field, thus your procedures can be completed more expertly. It provides low dose control, since the C- arm can be easily moved and it shortens examination times.

Moreover, The C-arm is equipped with table side control, which allows you to drive the C-arm by touch, while you can keep your focus on your patient and the current procedure you are doing. As an addition, the Canon Infinix CC-i can store your preferred settings, thus you can work more efficiently and you can limit dose and reduce contrast use.

The following functions can be found on the table side control: The C-arm Control allows you to position the C-arm and the detector and to lower and raise the table. The Collimator Controls enables you to change field of view and virtual collimation. The Digital Control has programmable keys for customised settings. 

In all, The Canon Infinix CC-i cardiovascular system is available for every clinical need. It provides outstanding clinical performance in all diagnostic, OR/surgical needs and interventional imaging. 

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