Siemens Acuson Juniper, Sequoia & Redwood Comparison and Price

In this blog post we are going over some of the newest additions to the Siemens ultrasound portfolio. We take a closer look at the Siemens Acuson Juniper, Acuson Sequoia, and the Acuson Redwood.

When you are done reading, you will have learned more about the advantages of each system. 

These are advantages any doctor would notice immediately during examinations. This is because of the advanced technology and versatility of these Siemens Acuson ultrasound machines.

Let us hop right in, starting with the Siemens Acuson Juniper.

Compared to the Juniper, the Redwood is stronger when it comes to Fast Pulsewave and Color Doppler. It provides you with significantly sharper images, where white is white and black is black. This means that you will see less noise in the images.

If you choose to work with this system in your clinic, you will experience an enhanced workflow. 

This is mainly thanks to its AI software, which significantly improves the efficiency of the machine.

For example:

  • eSie Measure
  • eSie OB
  • eSie Left Heart Functions. 

An added benefit is that you can use Sequoia probes for the Redwood. So, you have easy access to replacement probes if needed.

As for the Acuson Redwood price, it ranges anywhere from 20-30.000 Euros. It is a mid-range system, so it is fairly priced and accessible to most clinics and hospitals.

The Redwood is especially suited for clinics with high patient flows of around 30-50 daily patients.

Sum up – Siemens Acuson Juniper, Sequoia & Redwood Comparison

Overall, the Siemens Acuson Juniper, Acuson Sequoia, and Acuson Redwood are very versatile machines. They are all great additions to a clinic or hospital.

The Juniper is great for radiology, but can be used for a range of different applications. The Sequoia is mainly used for radiology, whereas the Redwood excels in cardiology. 

But, keep in mind that all three machines can also be used for general imaging. 

As for pricing, the Juniper and Redwood are both mid-range systems. However, the Juniper is at a slightly lower price range than the Redwood. The Juniper goes anywhere from 10-20.000 Euros, while the Redwood ranges between 20-30.000 Euros.

For the Sequoia, a high-tier system, you can expect the price to be between 30-45.000 Euros.

We mean it when we say that these three Siemens Acuson systems have stolen a place in the hearts of doctors all over the world. 

And in their clinics and hospitals.

So, do not be surprised if you become a Siemens fan as well after experiencing all the benefits we have mentioned in this blog post.

Siemens Acuson Juniper, Sequoia, & Redwood - Price and Applications

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